Saturday, December 29, 2012

Your Health is your Wealth

Health is a very big concern for our family. When I was twelve years old my dad passed. He was generally very sick, he had kidney failure, diabetes, and underwent dialysis up until he passed. My grandma also had diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney failure towards the end which she also had dialysis for. After my dad's passing, my grandparents lived with us. It was hard, I mean really hard especially on my mom. She took care of two sick people for years until each of them died. I understand her frustrations in life because of it. I honestly wish we had internet from the start but back then, it was fairly new. You weren't even connected 24/7 like we are now. So I feel its important, imperative in fact to get yearly physicals, eat the best you can, and exercise the best you can. I haven't been on top of it lately as I should but it's definitely sitting on my chest like a paper that's due in the morning. Watching the effects of poor health on three close people in my life my mom included because she was dealing with it, really takes a toll on you. Sometimes, you don't even realize it but your stress levels are higher because you're worried about the future, or anxiety rises when you think about those memories.

I will always remember my grandma and grandpa waking my brother and I up early in the morning, and we used to be so mad. We were teenagers of course who didn't go to sleep early, and couldn't wake up in the morning hours, we woke up around 11 am-12 pm every weekend, when there wasn't school. My grandma would say "You need to get up and eat something, that acid is dripping in your stomach and there's nothing in your stomach, you both are damaging your body! If you want to sleep then eat something light so you don't get gas and go back to bed!". We used to ignore her of course, lol. Now I'm 27 years old, and I miss her, wish she was here for me to talk to. She had so much character, moral integrity, and respect. She was someone you could confide in, never said a word to hurt you, only to help you and enrich you with her stories of wisdom and experience. I sleep late sometimes when the kids will let me, or I run around taking care of their needs and whatever needs to be done sometimes. Now I have those gas pains in the solar plexus, sometimes all over my stomach, and I think of my dear grandma and what she used to say.  I don't eat breakfast until 1 pm,  sometimes even later. I know I need to do better, I won't be young forever, and I'm trying.

My grandma didn't have that chance, she didn't even realize what she was doing when she was working hard her whole life, to raise nine children, going to the market at 6 am and coming back late in the evening as my mom says not having much to eat. My grandpa used to say "Prevention is better than Cure". I'd like to think I'm working on that, and sharing that very message. Maybe it can help you or someone you love.

Reasons you Shouldn't Drink SODA!

I personally have been off soda for many years now, I wanna say about 10 years now. If I go over to someone's house I might have some, but generally we make a point of not buying it. I am no skinnier because of it, but my lab blood results are always a reflection of it.  I try to drink a lot of water. Sometimes it's not easy to drink as many oz. per your body weight as you should, but it's always best to go with the rule of thumb which is 8 glasses a day. A glass is 8 oz, so you should be aiming for 64 ounces per day, more if you're overweight.

Diet Soda is no Better!

Do You Think Any Other Drinks are Better than Water? 

Sugar Unveiled: 

Source: holisticdad.net
Update 1/24/14: http://www.clickorlando.com/lifestyle/health/Consumer-Reports-Caramel-coloring-danger/-/1636830/24071896/-/ldhhhsz/-/index.html

Friday, December 28, 2012

Our Home Our Baby-Progress Pics

Our Home is like our next baby, we're just as excited as we were when I was pregnant watching my belly grow. In this blog I'd like to track its progress =)

Finally Done!! =) 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Social Media and How I came to Blogging...

The New Year is right around the corner, 2013. I always make the same resolutions just like everyone else and don't get to them all. February rolls around and the list has been forgotten. What else is new? I'm grateful for the accomplishments of this year. I have to give all credit to God. My faith gives me strength and motivation. Facebook is going to be annoying as hell for the next month with everyone saying "This is my year!!" Just like they did in January of this year...I have the memory of an elephant, trust me. I kinda want to scream from the rooftops that 2013 is my year also, because hubby and I are so excited about the new chapter we're about to embark on building our 1st home, and our dream home at that (by realistic standards). We can't though. We don't want to jinx anything and also Social Media has changed everything. I have always been a humble person, a modest person regardless of how flashy I am. Here I am though, writing a blog and putting myself out there. Our generation has an intense need to be heard, to be seen, to be understood, and I am no different. Thoughts and feelings have never been so important in history. Social media makes it so. The problem is while you can't get off of social media, you can't stay on entirely either. I see so many people deactivate only to be back couple days to 1 week later. Some even longer, but they always come back. Social media is like having TV in your home. Nowadays there's not only 1 TV in your home, but multiple TVs.

The problem is that life has changed so dramatically. Competition drives everyone, from friends, to family. Don't get me wrong, I am genuinely happy for people, if anything I'm the first to say congratulations. I always get the short end of the stick though...when it's my turn I feel green vibes, people start changing, people start treating you differently, they ask rude questions, they assume things when they talk to you, they are awfully quiet where they weren't before. Subtle changes can't be mistaken to people who have always been keen and observant and downright analytical. I would love to say it's in our head but it's too obvious you can almost touch it.  I see people on FB make posts about their accomplishments, and the 1st time I decided to spread the word about our business launch, it was not welcomed as others were. In fact that's when we saw the subtle changes that grew bigger. People don't see the tears, the frustrations, the angst, the pain, the yelling, the hurtles, the obstacles,  the disappointments, and the negative things we've had to overcome. All they see are smiling faces, babies, and beautiful memories. Is anyone flashing cameras during a bad day?... I didn't think so...

Now we are in a place where we have to censor what we share and what we don't. It sucks, because when you're excited about something and truly happy you just want to share it with the world. Is it really that we need a cheerleading squad or acknowledgement? No. For me I felt that if I can be happy for others why can't I humbly say what's going on without boasting like I've seen too, and these so called "friends" be happy for me. I think back to when I found out I was having a girl, I couldn't wait to share, because that's such happy news. You want everyone else to jump up and down and cheer with you like the end of a sports game or tournament. It took hard work, perseverance, good judgement and most of all tough times to get where we are. Yet it seems the more you get up in life the more people change. We take a great deal of effort to dumb things down and share on an as needed basis being careful not to lie, in hopes not to offend anyone or make anyone feel bad because they might be in a dark place and things aren't that great for them. I truly have been made to feel guilty about being happy. On Christmas eve while making cookies with Izzie and on skype with my mother, she said to me: "Isn't it funny that the college educated woman is the stay at home mom and me the uneducated one is working?" Comparison of herself to myself is in effect here.....This isn't the first time either, it's a random kick that happens enough to remember each time and each occasion, each time painstakingly shocking.

I will let that simmer for a bit............

What could that have meant? Was it positive? Was it meant to uplift me? Was it true? No. The more I think that I am nobody's daughter, nor will I ever be. It's really that simple. The older I get the more clear it becomes with statements like that, because I am now a mother, and I couldn't dream of saying something so hurtful to my daughters on Christmas eve, so randomly, without a cause, while on video with them as they make Christmas cookies for "Santa". That's it. That's the statement that reinforced my belief that we were better off not going over there for the holidays. Interestingly enough what reassures me of my position as a SAHM is the fact that two women from my husband's job just decided to quit their job to be a SAHM. Yes... they are college educated. One of them a manager, and another a software developer with her masters. Both of them in the information technology field, same as my husband. The office is mainly a male centered dept with everyone in IT, and these two females have the same idea as me: Enjoy your children when they're small, this time is the best and it goes by so quickly. This is what they'll remember, and what makes being MOM worthwhile. Another one of his office buddies confided in him that his wife's biggest regret is not staying home with her two children who are still around our kids' ages. She's also a top executive, but she can't quit because they won't be able to afford their lifestyle.

So whoever my readers are; I share with you, because our circle is so small and everybody needs to vent from time to time without burdening anyone. Writing has always been therapeutic to me, it helps you understand who you are and clear your mind. It's given me purpose that maybe I can and will write my book one day. This will be the stepping stone in working towards that direction. Lord knows FB is no longer a place for me to write such long posts, especially such intimate ones.

The only way to become a better writer is to keep writing.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Holiday-Another Sleepless Night

It's been a while since I posted due to the rush of getting everything ready for the holidays. I was so happy that my brother got to visit last weekend, it was nice to spend time like we used to. I hadn't realized how much I missed him until he was leaving on Monday. The girls missed him too. This year my Christmas spirit is just not here like it used to be. It felt like a rush and a chore getting x-mas presents together this year, but I feel satisfied now that it's done. I also can't stop thinking about those poor families grieving the loss of their children in Connecticut and their holidays being ruined. I'm so thankful for everything I have especially my babies, they bring me and hubby so much joy, and I look forward to seeing their faces light up on Christmas.

We don't have anything spectacular planned, just some good old family time making sugar cookies and maybe some of my delectable flan. We'll stay home curled up on the sofa and watch Christmas movies with the kids.

On Christmas Eve I'm making Chris's favorite meal: Herb Roasted Leg of Lamb, mashed potatoes, sweet peas, Chicken Garlic Alfredo Pasta, cranberry sauce and Barefoot Cabernet sauvignon wine. For dessert we'll have a Pumpkin Pie. It's a simple classic dinner with flavors that make your taste buds do backflips.

It's going to be fun putting out cookies and milk for Santa for the first time this year. Izzie is at that age where traditions and stories will always be remembered. I want it to be perfect for her. Looking forward to a lot of stuff that I'll be doing with our girls on the holidays. I'm working on creating our own family traditions. Well it's late and I better get my butt to sleep. Feel free to share your holiday traditions in the comment box below 😃.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm Blessed and Highly Favored

On too many days, I complain about the kids getting on my last nerve, the amount of cleaning there is, the never ending laundry, and wonder what's the point of our existence. I have to remind myself that there are people who want children that are unable to have, and how wonderfully God has planned my life. I know that I'm blessed to have so much, and that I'm highly favored to have even be where I am because this is exactly where I wanted to be. That's the funny thing about life, sometimes you want what you want so badly, and when you get it, it doesn't create fireworks the way you thought it would. I don't want for anything more other than for us to be healthy, strong, and happy at all times. My husband thinks I'm never happy when I'm bitching about the kids being sick or never getting to go out like we used to. Truly though...I'm content and happy but I'm too afraid to admit it in fear that shit goes awry when things are too good to be true. He has no idea the amount of satisfaction he brings me by just being who he is. So today on 12/12/12 the last repetitive date we will ever see, I want to bask in gratitude and pray for there always to be prosperity and gratitude in our lives, and yours as well. Life is too short to be anything but happy. When I become doubtful, fearful, or worrisome of the future I will try my best to stop and think about my faith and all I'm blessed with. To believe you are highly favored, is enough hope you need to trust that everything is going to be okay.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Sentiments Exactly

My mother always acted and said things to me as if I was a boring prude or like didn't know how to have fun, little does she know who I really am. West Indian parents go so hard with discipline and respect that by the time it's ok to share with them who you really are, it's too late, the bond has been broken and you're quite frankly ashamed to let them see your true colors.

"Strict parents create sneaky children".

Hair Loss

I'm almost freaking out...this is the most hair I've lost in quite some time now...about 200-400 strands daily! I'm not sure whether it's hormones, stress (who doesn't have any?!?!) or diet, or the combination of being on antibiotics from being sick with a nasty cold for the last 10 days along with the rest of our household. I think I eat a great diet, however I'm lacking exercise. Today I tried applying fresh aloe and honey with a drop of coconut oil for about 45 mins before washing. I also ordered a sea buckthorn shampoo to use if it is in fact a scalp/hormone issue as I've had some dandruff lately. I will keep you all posted on how it goes! Wish me luck. Your Hair Is Your Beauty!

Longing for Something More...

I've been married for nearly 5 years...I immediately started a family upon getting married, and once I did it became first nature for me to put my family's needs first as I was always used to taking care of a home since I was twelve years old when my dad passed. Being a SAHM, and taking care of the kids isn't a burden, I love them dearly with all of my heart even through the woes of fevers and vomit and the lack of sleep. I'm not sure what the void is but I know I feel it when I'm thinking of tomorrow and what's planned. Could it be I'm a desperate housewife?....No I don't think that's it, but the dull day to day does get a little less exciting sometimes when I haven't combed my hair in a little over 2 days. I was always that girl...the girl who never lets herself go, and I haven't entirely. I still try to keep a tight ship, nails, hair, the whole nine, but there's no where to go in Floridian suburbia .. I miss the citylife being from NYC, the 24/7 sexy sex appeal, and always having my makeup impeccably done, and fashionably dressed. My husband thinks I need a job but I don't think that's it, I think I just need something to make me feel special, important, and while I'm doing that something I should be looking and feeling sharp. So I decided to start my blog, that I started 4 years ago but never made any posts, just to keep me busy for now while I ponder up ideas for the future. I know in about three months when our house is finished being built I will have no time to blog, perhaps that's the reason for my finger dwindling right now (I have no PATIENCE!!). Maybe, I could just get this up and running for now, and see where it leads, maybe even get some paid advertisements going. I welcome all other stay-at-home moms to follow me and feel free to introduce yourselves. I love making new friends =)