Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Longing for Something More...

I've been married for nearly 5 years...I immediately started a family upon getting married, and once I did it became first nature for me to put my family's needs first as I was always used to taking care of a home since I was twelve years old when my dad passed. Being a SAHM, and taking care of the kids isn't a burden, I love them dearly with all of my heart even through the woes of fevers and vomit and the lack of sleep. I'm not sure what the void is but I know I feel it when I'm thinking of tomorrow and what's planned. Could it be I'm a desperate housewife?....No I don't think that's it, but the dull day to day does get a little less exciting sometimes when I haven't combed my hair in a little over 2 days. I was always that girl...the girl who never lets herself go, and I haven't entirely. I still try to keep a tight ship, nails, hair, the whole nine, but there's no where to go in Floridian suburbia .. I miss the citylife being from NYC, the 24/7 sexy sex appeal, and always having my makeup impeccably done, and fashionably dressed. My husband thinks I need a job but I don't think that's it, I think I just need something to make me feel special, important, and while I'm doing that something I should be looking and feeling sharp. So I decided to start my blog, that I started 4 years ago but never made any posts, just to keep me busy for now while I ponder up ideas for the future. I know in about three months when our house is finished being built I will have no time to blog, perhaps that's the reason for my finger dwindling right now (I have no PATIENCE!!). Maybe, I could just get this up and running for now, and see where it leads, maybe even get some paid advertisements going. I welcome all other stay-at-home moms to follow me and feel free to introduce yourselves. I love making new friends =)