Saturday, December 29, 2012

Your Health is your Wealth

Health is a very big concern for our family. When I was twelve years old my dad passed. He was generally very sick, he had kidney failure, diabetes, and underwent dialysis up until he passed. My grandma also had diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney failure towards the end which she also had dialysis for. After my dad's passing, my grandparents lived with us. It was hard, I mean really hard especially on my mom. She took care of two sick people for years until each of them died. I understand her frustrations in life because of it. I honestly wish we had internet from the start but back then, it was fairly new. You weren't even connected 24/7 like we are now. So I feel its important, imperative in fact to get yearly physicals, eat the best you can, and exercise the best you can. I haven't been on top of it lately as I should but it's definitely sitting on my chest like a paper that's due in the morning. Watching the effects of poor health on three close people in my life my mom included because she was dealing with it, really takes a toll on you. Sometimes, you don't even realize it but your stress levels are higher because you're worried about the future, or anxiety rises when you think about those memories.

I will always remember my grandma and grandpa waking my brother and I up early in the morning, and we used to be so mad. We were teenagers of course who didn't go to sleep early, and couldn't wake up in the morning hours, we woke up around 11 am-12 pm every weekend, when there wasn't school. My grandma would say "You need to get up and eat something, that acid is dripping in your stomach and there's nothing in your stomach, you both are damaging your body! If you want to sleep then eat something light so you don't get gas and go back to bed!". We used to ignore her of course, lol. Now I'm 27 years old, and I miss her, wish she was here for me to talk to. She had so much character, moral integrity, and respect. She was someone you could confide in, never said a word to hurt you, only to help you and enrich you with her stories of wisdom and experience. I sleep late sometimes when the kids will let me, or I run around taking care of their needs and whatever needs to be done sometimes. Now I have those gas pains in the solar plexus, sometimes all over my stomach, and I think of my dear grandma and what she used to say.  I don't eat breakfast until 1 pm,  sometimes even later. I know I need to do better, I won't be young forever, and I'm trying.

My grandma didn't have that chance, she didn't even realize what she was doing when she was working hard her whole life, to raise nine children, going to the market at 6 am and coming back late in the evening as my mom says not having much to eat. My grandpa used to say "Prevention is better than Cure". I'd like to think I'm working on that, and sharing that very message. Maybe it can help you or someone you love.