Friday, January 4, 2013

Cancer and Prevention. The Basics.

Cancer is the only thing you hear about these days. Anyone can get it, and for no reason at all. No demographic is safe from it. I decided to do some research and just wanted to share some things I found. There's so much on the internet about it, so much information that isn't organized. It's like what can you do to prevent it? Not everybody can grow their own food.

There are products we ingest, the air we breathe, chemicals we absorb through our skin, heredity, DNA damage, UV rays, stress,  etc. It's endless. How can we worry about all these things while we're busy working and taking care of our families, just trying to get through life? Sadly we're dying to live and living to die. 

What we can do though, is make better lifestyle decisions. What we eat is the bulk of it. These days even organic products are being investigated for being authentically untouched by chemicals, and they're not 100%. The truth is there are "safer" pesticides used, and contaminants in the water and soil as well.  Labels try to confuse us with use of the word "Natural" which has ambiguous meanings. Then you have the government and politics hiding the labeling of GMO's. 

I think about prevention and I feel overwhelmed with how much needs to be changed. Eventually I said, to hell with it, we will just eat the best we can eat, organic or not, lets find a rule of thumb. If we still get the "C" word, then too bad. I will die knowing I did the best I could do. You can do nothing and get it, or you can do everything and still get it. I'd be better off knowing I did some homework and that I tried to be proactive as possible.  

So here goes. Here are my findings and how I will raise my family. Once you understand these points below, you will have a foundation for choosing foods. If you want to learn about it on your own, here are the main points: 

  • Acidity in the body directly causes cancer. pH balance is crucial.
  • Inflammation causes:  certain foods, infection, obesity, stress.
  • Alkaline Foods combats acidity, reduces inflammation, causes tumors to shrink considerably as it brings oxygen to the cells.
  • Antioxidants:  help prevent and repair cell damage that mutate and cause cancer to begin with. 
  • Sugar decreases immunity by 40%, is a fertilizer for cancer, and promotes inflammation.  
  • Vitamin D deficiency is directly linked to cancer. 
  • Lifestyle factors to consider: Stress, obesity, sedentary life, and exposure to environmental chemicals.