Friday, January 11, 2013

Being Unique is Important

We're all unique in our own way, I have always been creative, innovative, motivated, passionate, and ambitious. I like nice things, but don't ever think for once that I'm fueled by material gains. Originally when I was going to school, I didn't know what I wanted to do specifically, but I knew that I wanted to help people. Psychology has been my strong suit since I was a child, I loved learning about people, the way they think and  why we do the things we do. Books opened a new world for me, and I spent so much time reading. I don't get to read as many books as I would like to now, but I'm always scouring the internet, reading as much as I can. I spend nights I should be sleeping just browsing the internet, thinking and learning. I want to experience more though, and to make a difference in the world.

I wanted to inspired more SAHMs to find the things they love to do. We're unique and we're blessed but we don't even know it... We get to stay at home with our lovely little monsters, and watch them grow, lol. I think that's the most amazing thing. We love them even though they take so much from us. In being a SAHM, I've been going through a lot of self-realization and self-discovery over the years and have been very productive. In psychology, there's a model known as "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs", in which we go through physical, personal, social, and cultural needs. Our little monsters as I like to call them, are in the first stages of human development. They only want from us. Their needs are purely self-centered. They want food, clothing, shelter, love, trust, rest,  and play. It will continue to be that way up until they reach adulthood in fact. Their main focus is inward. Thus the cause for children blaming themselves when their parents get divorced. They think everything is about them, and only about how things will affect them rather than everyone as a whole. As we reach adulthood, and our basic needs of eating, mating, and finding security through financial independence is met, we either stay there, or strive for something bigger. Somehow what's going on in the world is important to you, world peace matters to you, you don't know why but suddenly you actually care. That "a-haa..." moment when the light bulb turns on and here we have self-actualization.

Here are a few redundant but good examples to get a better understanding of what I'm talking about.

Now getting back to why we're unique and blessed as a SAHM. It's not only that we get to stay home and enjoy our kids, but now is your chance to find yourself. Working moms are doing the same thing every day, just going through working eight to twelve hour shifts and coming home, and taking care of their home. There's no time and freedom for them to think outside of the box and be the people they want to be, to be unique, to be creative, or do the things they love. My last blog showed that SAHMs are not reporting feelings of happiness or joy. It's so true. SAHMs are starved for appreciation, their self-worth is questioned because society makes us feel as though we're not productive members. They seek adult conversation and are bored of the same thing everyday.

I realized that recently. If I start baking cakes and sharing pics with my FB friends, then all my other SAHM friends start doing the same. If I do certain things with my family or for my family, everyone starts doing the same, I started an online blog, let's see how many will follow suit. This week, on Google+ there were absolutely no SAHM communities for moms to support one another and use as an outlet, so I created one. In only 2 days there are now 3 more groups created by random SAHMs who saw my new community. Instead of copying each other and competing against each other, why not help each other instead? I'm not asking to create utopia, but find your niche through doing the things you love while you're a SAHM. What are your passions? What did you enjoy doing before having kids? Cooking, cleaning and taking care of your family is important, but don't let it become all you do, use time management to figure in whatever it is that you always wanted to do. Maybe there's something you wanted to do but you didn't think it could become possible because you're not sure how to get started or what's the best route. Find your drives and focus.

Here is the community I started: Google+ Community: Stay At Home Moms Everywhere!

My goals for this community are to:

  • Inspire SAHMs to change the things they don't like in their lives.
  • Improve self-worth, values and self-respect
  • Encourage SAHMs to do things that make them feel good about themselves. 
  • Inspire SAHMs to take better care of themselves through diet, exercise (I'm struggling with this too btw, lol) and habits. 
  • Help SAHMs channel their negative energy into something more productive. 
  • Help each other! Networking is the easiest way to get where you're trying to go. 

Join and support us and share if you care. The only rule is there is a zero tolerance for bullying. We need get together not tear each other apart and pass judgement, we have the rest of the world already doing that.

"God gives us our TALENTS, HARDWORK transforms them into SUCCESS."