Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Next Best Thing to a Brazillian Wax: Review

Disclaimer: TMI (too much info) will be revealed below. If you are family get the hell off this blog before you read something that might give you nightmares  [lmao], or worse cause you to get verbally assaulted when you come asking me why would I write this stuff... If it's too late...well good for your ass that's what you get for being so damn nosy because I know I sure as hell didn't share it with you. This is my blog and anybody who doesn't like its' contents can f#ck off.

I don't know about any of you other SAHMs, but with such an exhausting day of endless cleaning, laundry and mentally draining kids I look forward to time with my hubby, time to get a little prune-y in the shower, time to pluck my eyebrows, and time to catch up on my shows, a book or online. With this long ass list of shit I wanna do every night it doesn't leave much time for sleep which I desperately need. One of my weekly chores is shaving. Many of you will agree what a task it is to shave all your parts, not to mention shaving your lady parts. Yes the  flower, vulva, coochie, pum pum, punany, vajayjay... Maybe you might not even shave/trim at all because you don't have a problem with hair and your man is okay with it too. Maybe you just forgot about that area's maintenance because you still have on the nail polish on your toes from two months ago even though it looks like they've been through a meat grinder. To each their own. Hey if you like it that way, then good for you and yes I do understand why some women don't take it ALL off completely due to the sexualization of pre-pubescent girls.

What I will say is that I'm very keen on my skin and hygiene, I'd rather it all be off. Every last grain, from front to back. I'm not generally hairy; no hair on my back side, stomach, boobs, and only fine grains on my arms. It's mainly on my legs, underarms, and well yes down south. If there's a lot going on in life, and really busy, believe me it's still groomed into a decent line or upside-down triangle and the rest gone. It's just that important to me. It feels so heavenly between the sheets with your man, especially when he's going downtown. (I don't know about anybody else, but who would wanna do sixty-nine with a rain forest in their face?).  Anyway, I could spend 2 hours easily in the bathroom, exfoliating, putting face masks on, examining my skin, even massaging oils like jojoba, oil, olive, coconut, or Vaseline into my skin. If I don't the texture gets very rough and my skin feels dry.

I'm very fond of hair removal...I love to wax my side burns, upper lip, and under arms.If you wanna learn how to wax yourself at home, leave a comment and I will let you know all the things I use. It's so cheap, once you buy everything. I tried bikini/brazillian and it was sooo horrible. Smooth but fricken insane. The pain is soo intense you feel like you might just rip the hair on your head out too. It's not feasible to spend all that money to get it done either. The next alternative is laser. One of my close friends has it. She says it's phenomenal, she got her other girlfriends to do it, and they all loved it too. I decided I wanted it too, until I no longer had the funds for it... So that opportunity is gone, it's quite expensive unless you just have a mortgage payment laying around to toss here and there.

So instead, I bought a shaver/trimmer recently and it's awesome!! Let me tell you first why I love it!

  • It was $21 with shipping at walmart.com. Of course that'd be my first point, I'm always cheap on myself, lol
  • There's a little pull out piece to trim longer hairs. 
  • It doesn't pull, pinch or hurt. 
  • It works really well for something I spent $20 bucks on. Your skin is nice and smooth in such little time and effort!
  • It's fully immersable, use with or without Shaving gel, in or out of the shower. 
  • It comes with a power charger. No spending money on batteries =)
  • I personally use the Venus Embrace razor afterwards to get in all the creased areas I might have missed. With this electric shaver, you don't use the razors as much, so pretty much save $ on your razor cartridges which are a pretty penny. 
  • It comes with the little brush for brushing off hairs on the shaver, and also a little breathable pouch for traveling. 
  • No irritation/bumps with regrowth! 
Panasonic ES2207P Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver

If you don't believe me, check out the reviews for yourself on amazon.com. There's another model #2216 for $10 more, and it has some different features that didn't tickle my fancy. I went with this model because of the comparison in star rating to # of reviews and because I don't have time for any other features. I just wanna mow the lawn and get my freak on before the night's over.

"Emotion is messy, contradictory... and true. "
-Nigella Lawson
Hasta MaƱana!