Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Skinny on Coconut Oil!

I switched to coconut oil for it's wonderful antioxidants, it's good fats called medium chain fatty acids, and for it's ability to boost metabolism. Originally coconut oil and  coconut milk has gotten a bad reputation for being filled of saturated fats, but in the 1940's cows were being fed coconut oil and instead of getting fat the cows grew lean and energetic. Studies prove the effects coconut oil has on metabolism is miraculous. It specifically targets fat on the body leaving your muscles toned. Below are videos you can check out to get different explanations of how wonderful coconut oil is.

DISCLAIMER: Please be responsible and let your physician know before starting any new regimens, especially those with health concerns already. My advice on my blog are based on my own research, opinions, and experiences. I present material solely for educational purposes NOT medicinal. Please be advised that I cannot  and will not be held liable for any possible adverse side effects. Always take any new regimen slowly and within moderation.

Fitness Instructor Liam Sherriff explains how coconut oil can benefit your weight loss.

I know I'm kinda redundant but I'm known for being very thorough and detail oriented. From Dr. Bruce Fife and  Dr. Oz himself:

Coconut Oil Super Powers Pt. 1
Coconut Oil Super Powers Pt. 2

If you're not blown away by the numerous uses of coconut oil, check out: 160 Uses for Coconut Oil

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