Tuesday, February 26, 2013

In Need of Some Ideas!

I've had such a long weekend, and I haven't had much time to share anything spectacular, other than I was so frustrated with the kids driving me nuts that I thank goodness for my husband. He's so sweet and he helps me get my tension out if you know what I mean  =) I feel like we're still teens in H.S <3 I got to go out yesterday too, nothing like some good ole "me time". I can't stress enough how important it is to have time to yourself. If you have kids and you're a SAHM, you know what I'm talking about. Not the time you spent in the shower to shave your legs and wash your hair, I mean the time you go out with your makeup and hair all pretty and you feel good about yourself. To be one with your thoughts in the peace and quiet comfort of the car. I love long drives with the wind in my hair and my music up, but I'll settle for short ones too. I got to pick up some new kitchen stuff I was meaning to buy for a while, buy some new spices for new recipes I wanted to try, buy veggies for the next 10 days, come up with a 7 day meal plan, conjure up what I'm going to do  next with my weight loss plan now that I've lost 8 lbs and plateaued.  Tonight I made Okra with Shrimp curried. It was so delicious. I loved Okra since I was a kid. I know not everybody loves okra, but you've gotta give them a chance, with either soups, or rice, or fried with shrimp. I thought I'd share the benefits of them.

My husband and I were talking about our life together, and that it's been a crazy journey. The ups, the downs, the insanity of cleaning up and turning around and there's a mess all over again, we need a little fun. As we reflected on our  love and what the last 12 yrs has been like he said "this year is our 5 year wedding anniversary, we should do something"...I think that would be awesome. We've always been big on anniversaries. Even in H.S., we'd get all dressed up, and spend the day with sweet surprises for each other, the entire day would be whimsical. People couldn't stand us being all over each other every where we went. We were all over the hallways, but eventually they just got used to it.  I don't know what we'll be able to afford with all the expenses coming up this year, but I want to surprise him with something special however small it is. July is five months away, I think that gives me enough time to cook up something we could enjoy as family, because the problem is I'm gonna have to lug our damn kids with us because we don't have a sitter. If anyone knows of something I could plan in Orlando, or in FL, please leave your comments below. Gift ideas would be greatly appreciated too. As much as I would like a time-out with him alone doing romantic stuff, I can't just leave the kids with anyone. I'm gonna worry and I just don't trust anyone with them. We'll probably have to wait until they're teens before we can leave them and even then I think we'd still be stuck watching over them =( 

I'll pick up tomorrow, time ran away from me tonight. My bed is calling. 

Hasta MaƱana...