Friday, February 1, 2013

Lemon Water + Update =)

It's February 1st bitches!!! lol. Time is getting away from me. I was supposed to share some things this week but I got side tracked with the possibility of getting a puppy. My kids will go crazy happy for a puppy I know it, but who has all the work? Mom of course, so I've been schooling myself online on puppy care, housetraining, etc. I didn't know it would be like getting a newborn! OMG, now it's too late to change my mind, my father in-law is getting it already, and hubby is all for it too =/ I'm scared because I've never had a dog and don't know how much of myself I will be able to devote to it. Dude...I'm squeamish about my kids diapers much less a little dog. A Chihuahua by the way... We'll see. I will start with puppy pads.

Getting back to what I wanted to share about lemons...Lemon water is really amazing for a variety of reasons. I've been using a whole lemon with warm water first thing every morning before breakfast. For the month of January I lost 5 lbs. Not bad for just watching my food and doing lemon water, right? I mean I wasn't even seriously watching the calories or doing anything strenuous. That got me thinking, what could I accomplish if put a little more effort into my time management since I've been going to bed earlier.... Hmm-mm. This past week I decided to multi-task, and spend the time during baby's nap that I usually read my novel, re-post memes on FB, and talk/text on the phone. I decided to do all these things, while on the treadmill! I walked briskly while I read my book or went on my phone. I was like what the hell, why didn't I do this all along?  I regained 2 of those 5 lbs lost earlier this month, but as of today, I've lost 2 lbs this week. Still at the 5 lb. mark. I will continue walking daily, and watching my food intake, and let you all know in due time when I have better results. My goal is to lose 10 lbs in 4-5 weeks, which will put me at 15 lbs lost! =) I will let you in on ideas, thoughts, and strategies as I acquire them, but not too soon, as I always tend to jinx myself. I do however, attest to doing this all-natural, no help from pills, programs, or special diets like Atkins, etc. I will find a way to have my cake so to speak and eat it too. I have to. My first recommendation is to get on them lemons, let me give you the jist of it quickly. People enjoy images better, myself included.!!!

Detox your Body!

Benefits of Warm Lemon Water in the morning!

Don't even think about using an alternative! I know lemons are sour, even my husband said to me the other day, why not just make lemonade? 
Even the skin has amazing properties! I read a post recently about a woman who takes the peels and soaks them in maple syrup and eat its, she swears they're delicious. Let me know how it is if anyone is brave enough to try it. I'm not there yet! 

I want to look, feel, and be young for as long as I live. Who wouldn't want that?  I look at my kids sometimes in wonder, because I still feel like that crazy girl in HS. Now with a dog it will be 3 babies for this young mama! By the way I like some of these names for a boy or a girl dog, vote in the comment box below on which names you like best!

Girl: Eva, Scalett, Sage, Zoey, Lola, Lexie, Zola, Ivy, Miss Puddin, Trixie
Boy: Zeus, Zoro, Dusty, Tazz, Titan, Brutus, Leonidas, Nemo
Neutral: Snickers, Lilo, Blue, Butters

"You can free yourself from aging by reinterpreting your body and by grasping the link between belief and biology." -Deepak Chopra
Hasta MaƱana!