Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Beauty Secrets Revealed: Skincare Products Review

Recently, I've had people commenting on my skin, more than 3 people in the last week saying I look so young, in addition to people asking on FB what's my secret. I kind of noticed myself changing. I feel youthful, I feel radiant, I feel good about myself, however everyone's comments especially my mom's via webcam said a lot. I don't  feel the need nor like saying things even if I know them, I wait for people to confirm what I was noticing. Anytime someone feels the need to say out loud how smart or awesome they are, it's especially untrue. It's the ego's way of overcompensating for shortcomings. I don't need to impress anyone but myself. I don't have the best skin there is out there, I still have a lot of flaws in fact; mainly dark spots from acne scarring. For me this is doesn't make me an expert, but someone qualified to share because I've been through hell last year when my face became a war zone due to  my postpartum hormonal imbalance. Makeup does wonders too, don't ever trivialize the magic of makeup.

So with that being said take my advice or leave it. Before you do though, do the research I spent countless nights doing myself reading reviews, watching videos,  and trying and failing crap. If you're wondering why didn't I just go to the Dr., I did and broke out in hives on both medications. We're quick to fill a prescription, but nobody thinks about the work our liver and kidneys go through to process the shit we're quick to pop in our mouths. I foresee an increase in renal failure for our generation.

Face Wash: My most recommended is Aubrey Organics Sea Buckthorn soap, it has sandalwood in it too which is great for skin. This soap is best on all types of skin. I order it at VitaCost when I get my coconut oil. However when I wear makeup, who knows how much extra oil the skin produces to breathe, and pore clogging particles comes on your skin despite it being labeled non-comedogenic. Avid makeup users know that's not true, so to take it all off, I refuse to do the moist towelettes. I must wash with soap and water. I use Neutragena Rapid Clear Oil Controling Foaming Cleanser. It doesn't dry my skin out and it feels so clean when I'm done. Click here to save $10 off your order at VitaCost

Toner: My thing with toner is love/hate, I just wanna wash my face and be over with it , but instead I have no choice but to stick to the routine because it helps me with my breakouts. I use Neutragena Rapid Clear Fight and Fade Toner. For actual breakouts I find it's best to use apple cider vinegar diluted in half water and apply it to the zit with a cotton ball. I hold it there sometimes I feel it working. People on youtube talk about buying the one with "the mother" inside, but I'm okay with the one without that can be found easily in the grocery store. 

Weekly Masks: Are A MUST! I love doing my mask because kaolin clay and sea salt, bergamot and sulfur is soo good for the skin. It feels heavenly. I do 2 masks a week. If you look at my regimen and don't even do half the shit here, thank your parents for the lovely genes and thank God for keeping it that way. Even without skin issues, masks are awesome. You'd love this anyway. My Tuesday night mask is the Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox and my Friday night mask is the Acne Free sulfur mask.

Moisturizer & Repair Serum: Here's where shit just got serious. You're going to spend the most $ on this. But this is the liquid gold. I use the serum first and then the moisturizer. You're welcome bitches, this is the absolute must have. Advanced night repair keeps you young. You can grow old and keep a hot body, but your face is going to tell the truth. 

Spot Treatment: For zits out of control, getting bigger, redder, and squeeze tempting. It's a war out there and you need everything to fight it. I use a combination of E.L.F. Zit Zapper and Mineral Blemish Kit during the day under makeup and Nixoderm at night after my moisturizer. I love Nixoderm most. I get it off Amazon, and I believe its of an African origin. Be advised it smells but who gives if it's doing the job.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Nobody wants to have flaws but we have them anyway. Currently, I'm dealing with horrible dark marks from my acne. I'm working on figuring out where to spend my dollars on a dark spot correcter. If you have something working for you, I'd love to hear about it.  There's nothing more damaging to a beautiful complexion than dark spots. Leave a comment in the box below if you care to share.

Hasta MaƱana!