Friday, March 22, 2013

Blue Sage Naturals: Sea Buckthorn Shampoo Review

I will be crazy busy for the next 2 weeks, it's quite apparent from my lack of posts. However, I specifically came on tonight to put my review out there. So back in December I mentioned that my hair was shedding and I was trying something new to stop it. I told you I would let you know how it goes and I'm a person of my word. I made sure to take a pic of it while it was full.

It was a move based on emotion and a risk to try something I didn't find negative reviews on. I thought the negative reviews on their page could either be real or fake, either way it's risk when you buy something off the internet. I was stupid though I admit it. I should have known better from their shitty outdated website that has really bad organization. (I'm in the field of web development, the better site you have, the better customer experience, and I honestly didn't read their fucked up 30+ item policy list). What sold me was the extensive research I did on Sea Buckthorn Oil itself. It is an amazing herb. I use the soap already except it's a different brand. What also sold me was that the shampoo was sulfate-free, and free of any harmful chemicals, so I gave it a chance like many others after me have and will continue to unless they find my review.

I used the shampoo, and it wasn't helping. I figured it needed time. So I continued on until a few weeks ago, in fact I increased my shampoos per week. My hair started getting worse, and I didn't know what to do. I'm always fuckin stressed, I have so much going on in my life right now, so many different emotions and transitions all at once. It's almost impossible to pinpoint the trigger. I had my labs done eight months ago, which were normal, so I didn't want to think something was wrong internally. I've had hormonal imbalance for a long time, but my cycles were normal for the last 6 months, so it couldn't be that. I'm also 15 months postpartum, so my hair should be back to "normal". I decided to change my shampoo and see if there's an improvement, then start doing process of elimination digging for more causes. There was also the possibility of "seasonal hair loss" my hairdresser mentioned. I couldn't be too sure.

After changing my shampoo, I saw a difference. A big difference (knock on wood). I'm up to shampoo #6 and my hair is still shedding but at a normal rate that it did before all this nonsense. I contacted the seller of the shampoo asking for a refund and of course they have a no refund policy. Some bullshit, of course. Interestingly enough, the email sent to me was cc-ed to an attorney. The company acts like they care when they send you the product, they tell you to let them know how it works, and when you do, they have nothing to say. Typical. Never again though. It was a learning experience. For educational purposes: its normal to shed 100-200 hair strands when washing, and about 100 hair strands daily on your brush or from random loose strands. 

I wanted to say fuck you back to her email when she replied saying she could give me store credit, but decided to make sure I posted my review. Who the fuck wants to buy anything from your store after a bad experience bitch? You could only get store credit if you returned the bottle in fact...which you have to pay for of course. Mind you this was a $25 12oz shampoo with close to $8 shipping. See the site for yourselves people and let me know what you think. Either way, I would never recommend them to anyone. Women are gentle creatures that have a vulnerability when it comes to beauty. We're always self-conscious of our flaws.

Maybe my review will have people thinking twice where not to throw the few dollars they invest in themselves. I will let you in on what I'm using when I'm almost done the bottle.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Not On My Skin!

I've been writing a lot of posts lately mainly on my thoughts and feelings, I almost forgot I should be informing you guys on things we're overlooking in life related to our health and longevity.

Women want to be desired. We go through so much to look good from painful waxes, eyebrow plucking, spend hours on our hair, wear shoes that are uncomfortable because they look hot, etc. Nobody wants to be flawed. I'm not gonna lie, I'm the first to be attracted to a new product out in the market that claims to do something wonderful for my flaws. The media markets products to women especially, because they know what women are after; Perfection.

Now I'm not an advocate for perspiration, and living like we live on an island without razors, I just think we need to look at what we're putting on our skin, and find alternatives. The skin is the largest organ that absorbs everything we rub on it and gets filtered by the kidneys, liver, and bloodstream. Alzheimer's, infertility, birth defects, precocious puberty, cancer, and hormonal imbalance, are all on the rise.

Just take a look at this ladies:

During the fall and winter my skin gets so dry I had to start using lotion again. I usually use oils like olive, coconut or joboba, but it wasn't doing enough. I went on this site and was pretty surprised to see my favorite lotion called Jergens Ultra Healing on there with a high danger rating. If you'd like to look up your products out of curiosity or concern here's the website:  

Skin Deep Cosmetics/Products Database

On the contrary there are cosmetic chemicals in our food too, so be mindful of what you eat! =)

Vitamin E is best for the skin:

Still seeking Perfection? 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wishing for an Eternity Together

Tonight I cried happy tears as I sat beside my husband packing up our things in preparation for our move. This is a new chapter. I'm scared, I'm excited, I'm worried, I'm anxious. It will be our 5 year wedding anniversary in July this year, and the last 5 years have been hard, really hard. We've been self-sufficient, and independent of our families. Going through life on our own, on our own terms, by ourselves.  In the last 5 years we've moved 3 times due to different circumstances out of our control,  had 2 babies, lost a few family members and we've accumulated so much. Bills are always piling up, the middle class is dead, yet we continue to dream the American dream. Our hopes, our ideas, were all planted on a vision board my husband created a while back in 06'. "The Secret" is real, and it can be yours too.

I sat on the floor with him reading through our high school yearbook, messages our friends wrote to us, and finally what we wrote to each other. I wrote about his determination, wonderful personality, and the successful future I see for him regardless of if we stayed together. I was worried if he'd regret coming with me to Florida, and thanked him for the best time of my life. He wrote about the end of high school being the beginning of our life, that so much awaits us in Florida, his hopes and dreams of me becoming his bride and the children we would have, their faces, their smiles, and finally the home we would live in. He said I was his forever, and he'd never let me go.

I couldn't hold back the tears reflecting upon what had  transpired over the last 9 years since that letter. I stared at him and he stared back at me, the bond couldn't have gotten any deeper. I thought about how God has blessed us, and with an abundance of gratitude I silently prayed for us to be able to tell these stories to our grandchildren one day. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you look at others, how easy things come to them and you wonder why it couldn't have been the same for you. Your wonder is not out of jealousy, but a shallow pondering of the who, what, where, how and whys of life. The realization is clear, true happiness lies in the hearts of those who worked the hardest to get there. Being content in this moment is what's most important. The struggles, the tears, the frustration, the petty bickering, all give you a deeper sense of appreciation of life and where we've been. I never want to lose such a humbling feeling ever.

I love this guy soo much even though he frustrates me beyond belief sometime. He is my Rock, my constant in an ever changing world. As I stared at him and smiled thankfully for him, I felt as though I was seeing him for the first time again. My lusty emotions mixed with our eyes locked on to one another. It was a surreal moment where even our souls knew we were made for one another. That's the true meaning of love; the stuff songs are about, novels are forged upon, and movies use to  take on a life of their own. I love everything about him, it's an exhilarating feeling to be IN love with your best friend.

If you love someone, and are going through difficult times, don't let go, keep trying, eventually it will all work out and you'll have an amazing story of a life that wasn't handed to you on a silver platter, but a life that traveled through thorn bushes to get to the bed of roses.

"When you love someone all your saved up wishes start coming true because being in love is what makes working all week bearable. As long as we are persistent in our pursuit of our deepest destiny, we will continue to grow." -MizzMichelle S.

Hasta Mañana...

Monday, March 11, 2013

Unfaltering Confidence

My theme song tonight...  

I'm such a free spirited person. I don't give a fuck about what people have to say or what people think about me. Last week I was out of my goddamn element, so much my brain couldn't function and every little thing overwhelmed me. I realized that after I declined my friends' invite to come over because it's such a inconvenience to get myself together and deal with my kids. I put them to bed early at 7:30 pm for the same reason. My oldest was giving us serious attitude and she's not even 4 years old. As much as I don't care what people say about me, it would bother me if someone dared to speak badly of my child, because I'm a strict disciplinarian when it comes to behavior and manners. While what anybody thinks of me is not my business, it is my business if my child is talked about because I'm her mother, I made her and children are the future.

 If my spawn can't be a productive part of society then she's part of the problem. I spent a better half of the weekend developing different tactics and she was pretty good this weekend. I was not surprised but relieved that she did well in a public setting. We'll see how it goes, the important thing is that I've always been consistent with this kid. I hold my word to be as important as a contract. If I say I'm going to do something then I will do it. My husband says he knows I'm crazy like that.

 But as much as I am crazy like that, I expect the same from others. I can't believe in you if you're a talker who's always talking about things you'll do but never do.

I felt better after getting out, it helped me get out of my unbalanced funk. I thank my mom for the things she instilled in me. That regardless of what is going on inside and around me, I take good care of myself. I must maintain myself. Don't ever let yourself become a hot mess. (If you can't maintain your toe nail polish, then don't wear any or wear socks! That has to be my no.1 peeve lol).  Her motto is "If you look good, you feel good!" Since my new diet of trying a metabolism reset, I've regained 4 lbs. The funny part is that whether I'm at my goal weight or not, I wear clothes that are sexy because it's not about if you wore stuff like that when you were a size 2, it's about HOW you wear it at your size now. I continue to dress the confident sexy woman I've become. I used to complain about my body but after having two kids, I couldn't feel more fabulous. Sure I still have my goals but that doesn't mean I should let myself go while I'm here.

My self-esteem took a while to grow, it was being squashed a very long time ago when I couldn't love myself enough to treat myself better. Now that I have 2 ladies to raise I have to be their role model. If I want them to value their bodies.  I have to show them that it's not only about not getting "too fat", but it's about your emotional health/overall health. It's about knowing what's that number you can't go above because if you do you will lose confidence, get sloppy, and no longer feel sexy.

Women are sexual creatures that's the bottom line. I've had friends who were smart, talented, and had healthy self-esteems, but for some reason their confidence boils down to how their beauty can exude the opposite sex. You know you're hot but you only question it when a strange man is staring at you and your stomach immediately gets butterflies because you're nerves are making you coy. That's where confidence comes in. Do you look away and look back because you wanna test him to see if he's really looking at you? Or do you KNOW he is and stare back brazen while you seductively lick your lips?

I draw the line at conceitedness though, like this woman my husband and I laugh  about all the time. She stares him down relentlessly. She's a bitch for staring him down when he makes it clear he's not interested and I'm right there in fact but I can't help but give her kudos for her confidence. If she continues however I might have to scratch her eyes out, lol. It's like have some fuckin respect you know...I'm only right here!!!

"The man of genius inspires us with a boundless confidence in our own powers."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Needing a Break...

Hey guys, I know this is the longest I've gone so far from writing. Writing has been my outlet but for some reason I've been unable to do it. I realized I'm not in a mental fog, I'm mentally "busy". I'm focused on too many things at once. For one I've been on the weight loss crunch and I'm taking on new territory; Metabolism Reset. WTF? Yea exactly. So much to learn. I've spent hours reading about it. We started packing for our move...that alone instantly puts my brain on overload. I sat here three nights in a row and I couldn't proceed. There was nothing creatively coming to me, all I could think about is how much there is to do, and about some personal issues I'm going through right now.

It doesn't help that my 3 almost 4 year old has been being rude and talking back all week. It's sucks the life out me to deal with children who don't fucking listen. I question my decision to have children all together sometime. People fuckin talk about waiting to have kids later on, but honestly it won't be any easier. Higher income or not, money doesn't solve problems such as a child blatantly disregarding what you're saying while you're blood pressure is rising. So I sat down the other night and talked to one of my best friends and she made me feel so much better. I started a new plan to deal with my daughter being rude and created a list of everything I need to get done. It was one extensive list, boy it's no wonder why I'm exhausted and truly tired at night but my mind keeps racing and keeping me from sleeping when I go lay down. Life can just beat you down sometimes.  Never underestimate the power of creating a list though.

Since I have so much to do on my list, I thought I'd come on here and give myself a chance to let my ideas flow. A child-less friend suggested I just move on as if I can just turn off stress like a light switch. Wtf...I wanted to ask her in what world does she live in but I restrained myself. My daily horoscope app told me some real shit that is too detailed to be a considered a coincidence. The jist of it was that I need to dumb down my blunt attitude because it tactlessly bruises my relationships with people, due to my intolerance to bullshit and petty small talk.

I need to know how you all are turning off stress. Last I checked this IS the key point:

I guess I shouldn't give a fuck about my toddler's behavior.
I shouldn't give a fuck about the housework being in complete chaos since we started packing. 
I shouldn't give a fuck that every bit of energy I have is sucked out of me by what pressing things need to be done for my family to function daily. 
I shouldn't give a fuck that my little one gives so much trouble with eating. Who cares if she starves right? I'm not her mother am I? As much as I wish I didn't give a fuck about these things, it engulfs me because I love my children and I love my family, nothing is more valuable than their well-being and doing the best I can do each day. If I give up they will suffer and that would be selfish of me. 

I'm gonna keep trying to be positive, and hope for the best. I'm writing things down, I'm talking about things, and I'm working on getting more rest. I've even been letting the housework go quite a bit. I need to relax and try to find a balance. Tonight I feel totally defeated, but I'll keep trying.