Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Not On My Skin!

I've been writing a lot of posts lately mainly on my thoughts and feelings, I almost forgot I should be informing you guys on things we're overlooking in life related to our health and longevity.

Women want to be desired. We go through so much to look good from painful waxes, eyebrow plucking, spend hours on our hair, wear shoes that are uncomfortable because they look hot, etc. Nobody wants to be flawed. I'm not gonna lie, I'm the first to be attracted to a new product out in the market that claims to do something wonderful for my flaws. The media markets products to women especially, because they know what women are after; Perfection.

Now I'm not an advocate for perspiration, and living like we live on an island without razors, I just think we need to look at what we're putting on our skin, and find alternatives. The skin is the largest organ that absorbs everything we rub on it and gets filtered by the kidneys, liver, and bloodstream. Alzheimer's, infertility, birth defects, precocious puberty, cancer, and hormonal imbalance, are all on the rise.

Just take a look at this ladies:

During the fall and winter my skin gets so dry I had to start using lotion again. I usually use oils like olive, coconut or joboba, but it wasn't doing enough. I went on this site and was pretty surprised to see my favorite lotion called Jergens Ultra Healing on there with a high danger rating. If you'd like to look up your products out of curiosity or concern here's the website:  

Skin Deep Cosmetics/Products Database

On the contrary there are cosmetic chemicals in our food too, so be mindful of what you eat! =)

Vitamin E is best for the skin:

Still seeking Perfection?