Monday, April 22, 2013

Pleasure Seeking Motives...

Warning: This is a TMI post...

In the past month, I've kinda stopped exercising. It sucks!! I say kinda because my ass hasn't been sitting in a chair the whole time. I'm on my feet all day, it's been nonstop. I'm still not done unpacking. I used to hate exercising, but now I can't wait to get back to it. I wanna feel nice and firm like I've been feeling. My muscles feel nice, and my stomach felt like it was sucked in without any effort. I started in the end of January, with cardio, then added strength, and maintained both until my moving period.  I hate making excuses, but when your environment is not on track, it's harder for you to be on track. There were times I let my house get a little crazy, from laundry in the baskets, and chores piling up like dishes and my mind felt foggy. The moment I got back on my shit like I was supposed to be, I felt better. So I'm working on that. I'm working on getting my house in order so that I can get back to a routine. The kids have been going to bed at odd times as well, so that doesn't help. Now why am I in a hurry to get back on track of exercise you might ask? The month of not exercising is dampening those feel good and firm effects.

My energy levels are lower, and I feel in need of a pick me up. If you hate exercising like I did, let me fill you in on a little something that just might motivate you to get your ass moving.... hehe =x It goes back to the little pleasure-seeking devil I am. When I got to around 7 weeks of exercising 6x a week...I found myself having multiple orgasms, stronger orgasms, and even more strength doing stuff that were harder to do before. Lol now I'm not saying I'm doing the wheelbarrow or anything just yet, but my stamina has definitely been increased. I'm always up for anything, I'm not a lazy lover. If you like adventure also, there's this website you have to check out! It's expensive that's the only problem... [I'll give you the site in a sec before I run off on another tangent.] If you read 50 Shades of Grey, you know why Christian wanted Ana to get a trainer in the beginning...


I didn't lose any more than the 8 lbs I lost before which is nothing compared to my 25 lb goal. I've been maintaining for the most part. Exercise makes me feel good, feel healthy, feel proactive, in control of my life, and sexy. If you've been putting off your exercise, delaying getting started, then think about the ecstasy you're going to increase exponentially =D I used to start exercising, then stop, and never get back on it, until a year later. Back and forth I went because shit happens. You can be so gung-ho about doing things you need to do, and then after being derailed by a series of events you feel like you've already failed so you stop trying.

 I  saw this awhile ago and it inspired me to keep going. Even if I don't get much exercise in this week, I will keep at it.  

"Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy."
-Norman Vincent Peale 

SideBar Site: I love this site, I'm trying to get my hubby on board to buy a chaise from there...but again it's so pricey! Liberator.com

Check out this bed. I wanted it instantly but again it was wayyyy over budget; Orbit Bed