Wednesday, August 14, 2013

GMO's Explained-Part 2

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Why do I care so much about all this GMO stuff? It's personal to me. I feel it impacted my family aside from my own hormonal issues. First off when I had my daughters, food allergies didn't exist in our family. My first born was strangely low birth weight at 5.3 lbs when she was born, and I was diagnosed with small for gestational age at 36 weeks. I had to be induced at 38 weeks. It was the craziest time for me when she was allergic to milk and had to go on hypoallergenic milk. I was misinformed by my pediatrician who told me to stop breastfeeding which was a mistake and in return, put us through 4 months of hell. Our newborn screamed with all kinds of gas pains for 20 mins to an hour daily, sometimes more than once a day. As new parents it killed us that we didn't know what the fuck to do to comfort her or stop it from happening. I spent countless nights doing research, panicking, anxiety ridden, hoping there would be a magical milk I could find that would help her.

Fast forward to baby girl #2. She was expected to be 7 to 8 lbs based on the sonogram and again I birthed a small 6.1 lb. baby at 39 weeks pregnant. I was determined on breastfeeding this time around and I did. Eight weeks into breastfeeding, she started developing rashes, cradle cap, and bad eczema. I removed dairy from my diet entirely, all traces of dairy and it subsided. If I ate anything that had a small trace of dairy, her body reacted. I breastfed exclusively for 6.5 months. When I did introduce formula I mixed it with my breastmilk for a while until she was okay.

Do I feel like GMO's have a part to play in my kids developing these dairy intolerances? Fuck yea! It was such a hard time for me as a new mom. Post-partum is hard enough, the transition to motherhood trying to do what's best for your baby, and trying to find answers is tough. That's why the second time around I got it right, and breastfed her exclusively. My eldest also had the worst temper tantrums when she was 2-3 yrs. old, it was no exaggeration that she was in the terrible 2's. It came down to the point where she was not allowed to have any type of sweets, even fun size chocolates, because her behavior was out of control even when she didn't have those items. Family members wouldn't believe us until they gave her candy or chocolate and saw for themselves. I worried to death about her being labeled ADHD/ADD when it was time for school. Now at 4 she's a whole lot better. I  try to monitor and limit her diet. I stayed away from going to the Dr. and focused on my own research and intuition. It was the best thing I did for my kids. I want the best possible future for my family, that's reason enough to care and make an effort towards.

Natural vs. Organic
If you eat  apples and celery everyday, it makes sense to buy these organic. Not everything in your pantry HAS to be organic if you can't afford to go 100% organic.

  1. Started shopping at WholeFoods...maddd expensive I know. But...since I have Amazon prime, I buy my organic staples from Amazon.com and also go on Vitacost.com. Most of my staples like Flour, Pancake mix, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Seeds, and pretty much Pantry stuff I get from online. The free shipping and the price for larger quantities beats your BJs membership, and you don't have to leave the house. I bought imported Jasmine rice from Walmart.com using their $45 home free feature. Basically buy $45 worth of items that are all home free eligible, and get free shipping. 
  2. Go to local supermarkets. Chains like Walmart and Target will only have GMO fruits and veggies. Go to Eat Local Grown to find a spot near you selling locally grown food.
  3. If you can't do everything organic, start with the items you use daily. I go through mainly milk for the baby, eggs, butter, bread which I just started making, and juice all of which we're trying to buy organic. We buy fruits and veggies based on the "dirty dozen" list in the infographic above. Some things can be bought conventionally due to the least amount of pesticides being used. It might still  be GMO yes, but again it's about picking the lesser of two evils when shopping on a budget. We started making our own orange juice, and buy bottled juices organic. Fish we buy wild, no farm raised, and meat we have no choice but to buy from Whole Foods Market.
  4. If you have a smart phone, save infographics  to check before you check-out at the grocery store. 
Nations First Food Forest : A Great idea I wish I could take part in to start a community effort in my city.

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GMOs Part 3: Will feature infographics I've collected. Some might be redundant, but it's a great "go to" image to save on your phones while shopping in the grocery store. Again, you can't avoid GMO's entirely, ie; restaurants/catered occasions, clothing, cosmetics, your family/friends' house for dinner, etc. It's just wise to limit them like an 80/20 rule.