Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Birth Control Qualms & Info on Essure

Have you ever looked at your children and realize how much they've grown and felt sad that the baby phase is over? It's like one day you're breastfeeding and the next they're like doing shit for themselves and not asking for help, and getting upset if you help them. Do you immediately get the baby blues especially looking back at their baby photos and videos? I know that happens to me when I realize how independent they are and then I consider more children for a minute, until reality sets in. The reality is I'm tired, my hormones are screwed up again, acne is back, and weight-loss is harder than it was before. I just got stability back, why am I even thinking about another baby? I've got to be fuckin' nuts right? Well my husband actually got excited when I took another test last month...He couldn't even wait until I was done taking the test to knock on the door. So the vasectomy we were planning is officially pushed to the back burner. We need to get our mind right before we do anything.

In the meantime though I really would like to hear about what you all are doing if you're not on birth control. Condoms? (>_<) Birth control really messes with me, too many damn side effects. I have not gone back to my Dr. to talk about getting my cycles normalized, because I already know it translates to a friggen prescription for birth control. Every trip to the Dr. is about getting a prescription in this country. I'll look into natural herbs and share whatever conclusive results I find. If you care to see why our healthcare system is so screwed up, check this guy out.

This is by far the most enlightening video explaining: Why are American Health Care Costs So High? He manages to explain with facts and figures in under 8 mins.

Two months ago while everyone was busy ranting and raving about the Trayvon Martin case verdict, the Supreme Court passed the law preventing people from suing drug companies for any type of liability/damages even if they knowingly omit possible drug side effects. So I am refusing any drugs unless it's life and death, or an absolutely necessary antibiotic. I learned my lesson last year when I broke out in really bad hives after two different prescriptions. The poor woman who lost this case took a drug for a sore shoulder and ended up with a serious flesh eating disease. Click Here for the source. 

I was considering Mirena but decided against it after reading horrible reviews. If majority of people complain about something, that doesn't mean it will affect me in particular but there's a greater chance. Everyday there's a lawyer commercial for a different birth control. In other news related to this discussion of prescriptions and drugs and birth control; Moms who are on a long term implanted type of birth control this is not to get you scared. It's strictly intended for educational purposes only. If you feel something isn't right trust your intuition. This segment specifically covers the birth control Essure. Click Here for the source. 

So how do you ladies stop yourselves from getting pregnant again? You can vote on the poll to the right. Do you know for sure that you don't want anymore children? I'm pretty damn sure, but I'd rather take my chances on getting pregnant again than getting any IUD or going on birth control.

Here's a cute Nike poem about my butt by the way, lol.