Friday, September 20, 2013

Find Yourself & You Find the Answers

“Your perspective is always limited by how much you know. Expand your knowledge and you will transform your mind.”
― Bruce H. Lipton

As I write effortlessly, I do it with passion, I do it with the intent to reach out and touch you. To share the little pieces of myself that inspire you to seek out whatever higher power you believe in and to find the things that bring you closer to peace and pleasure. To know you are not alone. My husband is the only person who knows me on this level. I wish I could sit here all day or all night and write because I enjoy it so much. I have loads of enlightening and educational information, stories, etc. that I want to share along with my random perspectives on things. Being a personal development blogger isn't practicing medicine like I originally wanted to do but my voice isn't being buried or lost, thanks to you all. I personally thank each and every one of you for stopping by and reading, and following me on G+. A lot of you have re-shared my links and commented on G+. If I've made you question yourself, your life, and the things you thought you knew, then I've done my job. Being a SAHM, you can't help but question your depth from time to time because you're not bringing home the bacon. Being productive, through work and hobbies is necessary unless you simply like being lazy and sit around thinking about nothing daily.

Five years ago I started my blog, but I wasn't ready yet. It remained here empty. I've genuinely tried to help people realize their potential or get them through self-created situations. I wasted valuable time back then trying to help the wrong people. If you can't give somebody money then you can shut your face, because you'll always come off as a "know it all", or it will backfire. You suddenly become the bad guy because you care enough to disturb your own peace. You end up retreating to your corner vowing to keep your mouth closed. It doesn't matter how much good intentions you have. When the shit hits the fan that's the only time when people know you and need your input. So, ten months ago I decided I would start because there's so much to gain from doing it and because the people who could really use my input will find me and follow me for the interesting and enlightening or crazy things I share. My stats are through the roof, I've surpassed my expectations. What are your goals? A goal without a deadline is just a dream. When will it be time to do you? Here is: 10 Steps To Doing You.

 My husband and I are always brainstorming and making plans, and putting things into action. Sure the drive is for long-term financial security, but it's just as much for personal fulfillment. I'm here to tell you that you can do it too. Whatever it is you want to do, you can do it if you put in the hard work (within reason of course lol; if you didn't graduate HS don't go trying to be an astronaut). It's not easy working all the time, but be prepared to do it. You don't become successful overnight.  People say they believe in you and want to see you accomplish your dreams, but that's bullshit. People will feel sorry for you when you fall, but when you rise, part of them can't believe you're actually living your dreams. Associate yourself with like-minded individuals. Remove or love toxic people from a distance. They are the naysayers, the complainers, and the guilt-trippers/ master manipulators. They will hold you hostage emotionally and drain your energy. My mentor is 50 cent. It's funny if you don't know me but if you do you're not surprised. He is one inspirational mothafucker. He keeps it real. Get his book "The 50th Law" to understand the level of intensity he has. Robert Greene is also a great author, specifically "The Art of Seduction" and "48 Laws of Power": Click here for the pdf e-book.. Learn how to get what you want in life. Everything boils down to strategy.

Everything happens on its own time but it's self-discovery that leads you there. You find yourself, you find the answers and you will be given the directions. 

I got a quite a few requests for hangouts on G+ recently. I'm not available for hangouts, but, if you're looking to talk to me about a something,  I'm open to giving unadulterated advice, just hit up my inbox.