Friday, October 18, 2013

Maria Kang, I Applaud You.

Man this Maria Kang woman can't catch a break... Okay so she asks us all what's our excuse? What's wrong with that question? The excuse is that the majority of it is mental. We know what to do but we don't do it, and won't do it till we feel like, let's just own that for a minute. She's a fitness enthusiast, and she's promoting herself. No need to get upset about that statement...it's not that serious. However I do see the outrage because narrow-minded people are walking around thinking certain clothes are only made for size 0-4 people alone. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Let's just leave it at that, don't go around hating on people having different body types who aren't crawling into a hole because they've gained weight. Hell, there are a ton of thick chicks who are hot and fit. I'm not talking about the obese heifers calling their fat asses thick, I'm talking about being smooth all over, thickness in the right places. You know the ratchet Walmart meme kinds are an extreme. Like. dude those clothes clearly don't fit. Your ass and and all four tires of your belly is hanging out. We don't want to see it and we shouldn't have to see it....that's a different story than this entirely.

Apparently there are 21 body types....who knew right? All perceptions would probably vary if we were to discuss each one. We'd all be arguing right about now. We're all different, don't apply your standards to others

Own it or Change it, simple! Don't get sloppy either way!
Obesity isn't sexy. Healthy is sexy. Confidence is sexy. I myself fight an internal battle about weight gain. My thoughts on it is purely this; we all could use improvement, we all could be at our best, we should definitely work on that not just to feel better about ourselves, but to be good role models for our kids. However, even at my worst I will not be sloppy and/or reduce myself to wearing clothes that make me look and feel like an old woman, when I'm young. Shit, I'm not where I want to be, but I'll be damned to feel like any less of a person, or less sexy because I've gained weight. I didn't take the question Maria Kang asked personally. I just took it for what it is: the truth. Use it to empower excuses, or use it as motivation. Instead the poor woman was forced to apologize and explain herself now that it's made national headlines. She isn't fat shaming anyone, you're fat shaming yourselves. I read her story a few days ago and visited her site before it became this big of a deal. I understood where she was coming from with sicknesses she witnessed in her own family. That's why I spent majority of July-August following up on GMO's and writing about it. What sense would it make to be at my goal weight while I slowly deteriorate internally? I'm still trying to find what works for me, my budget, my family, and my lifestyle.

This is a powerful video that everyone should watch and question. We live in a male-centered world where sex-appeal and sexual attraction rules everything. I don't doubt that we're bred with it. Inheriting what we learned is part of life.  Growing up all my family made jokes about my ass, and I used to hate my thunder thighs. Now I embrace my pear shape. I wear my clothes confidently. The men are still looking and whistling so if that isn't an indication of sexiness, why should I let a number on a tag be the definition of it?

I applaud her for being able to be so fit, confident, and bold. I can identify with her, she's proof that you can have it all. She says "I'm a wife, mother, business owner and nonprofit founder. I dream. I set goals. I plan. I take action. I reflect. And I repeat. Welcome to my World!"  If that's not inspirational, I don't know what is.

They say a fat bitch can lose weight, but an ugly bitch is shit outta luck. Let's learn to take a good look at ourselves before we judge people. Ya'll can stop being insecure and bashing her now. If you didn't see the coverage on Maria Kang, let me bring you up to speed:



Unnecessary but again... why do these women feel the need to share their excuses? We're not all meant to look like Maria Kang, she's just showing that you can if you really wanted to:

So you weren't told enough that you were beautiful growing up? Here get out of your insecure shells: Women, You Are Loved! by Interesting Things.

I read that the average woman's size around the world is a 10, sure we don't wanna be a 12-20 # if that was the average so why are we striving for 2's and 4's?  Here's some food for thought the next time you want to get upset about the numbers on the tag. Aim for a flat stomach instead:

"According to Stores.org, $28 billion a year of merchandise is returned to stores because of poor fit. 
An informal poll on this site shows that 42% never find clothes to fit; 40% only sometimes; 14% said rarely and only 4% said always. But you really don't care about statistics and projections: you already know that it's almost impossible to find great fit.
The real reason is pretty simple: there's no standardization in women's sizes. A U.S. size 4 could be an 8 or a 2 depending on the maker. There is a very basic guideline for fit based on a 60-year-old study done by the US Dept. of Commerce. 
Unfortunately, the 2,000 women who were measured for that study were mostly young, unmarried, white women according to Ellen Goldsberry, associate professor with The University of Arizona Division of Retailing and Consumer Studies on the university's web site.That cross-section doesn't begin to touch on the diversity of today's demographics.
Also, this old data is out-of-sync with the way women have increased in size: in 1941 the average woman was 5' 2", 129 pounds. Today she is 5' 4" and weighs 144 lbs (wearing between a 12 and 14). 
Another reason clothes never fit is that most sizes are based on the assumption that women's bodies are hourglass in nature. (Ex: A size 8 at the Gap is a 36 bust-28 waist -36 hips.) In reality, the average woman's body is much more a pear shape (smaller on top and heavier through the hips)."
Source: about.com
Be a little more open-minded. Somewhere along the line we lost common sense. Get smart bitches!