Saturday, October 12, 2013

SAHMs: Kindly Stop the Bullshit

I saw this post circulating around Facebook for the millionth time, and I can't help but write a post about how much it fuckin' irks me. Omg, how it enrages me to think people are really that stupid to think that their self-absorbed asses who know what date nights are, and have the support of their families with child care could possibly think that their version of "fun" is truly this inaccurate bullshit. What fucking lies... I guess if I liked reading novels quietly before and had fun going to the library in search of new books then that makes me a terrible mother if I still value those things as fun. Oops, I'm a mom now, I can't enjoy a night out dancing anymore. It's forbidden. Fuck that. When you're child is saying mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, over and over while you're on the phone with a business call or you're about to burn dinner because you're busy dealing with their needs, yea tell me you're not thinking about what you need at that very moment which is peace and quiet.

Despite that reality, social media has made people even bigger fucking liars than they already were. Women on FB go on for days about how much they love being at home, gush nonstop about the same things over and over... "Oh hey everyone my kid is sick, but I had a smile on my face the entire time while I was up all night and  I scrubbed the carpet of vomit last night for the 3rd time". Yea...I'm sure that was fun, thanks for updating your facebook status to pat yourself on the back. Parenting is not cookies and cream, but I can totally see how it would be when I have witnessed a daughter give her mother an eye rolling and tongue lashing while mom did nothing but stare and smile at her. Yep, I can totally see why it would be the most treasured experience for moms like this, apparently you ain't doing jack shit. I however do not intend to raise self-entitled brats and don't have anybody giving me anything to feel perfectly content at home dwindling my fingers with no ambition for a strong sense of self. I spend the majority of my day in frustration 3-4 days out of the week, up to my eye balls in exasperation, discipline, being a broken record, because I am doing what a good mother is supposed to do; teaching these girls how to conduct themselves at home and in public. I don't feel the need to update my status when my child's pre-k teacher comes and tells me that she sees who puts in the time with their children from my child's polite mannerisms. It's not necessary because a child can be good today and a serial killer tomorrow. That's the irony of life. We don't know with great certainty who they will be when we're done with them. If you love them, truly love your children, and feel like you're blessed, and treasure being home, you would be a lot humbler and not feel the need to blatantly lie and boast on social media, instead you'd be too busy making sure you've got something to show for your hard work at home; happy, healthy, good kids. 

There's no way a person can go around being in 1 perky ass happy mood 24/7 unless you're on drugs. I can't believe I need to even make that statement, but that's the perception these fake boasting moms and people who make these quotes put out there. Like husbands and wives don't have disagreements, they don't fight about big and small stuff, your child  has never been annoying, there has never been a bad day, there is never self-doubt, your kids are always well-behaved, you've never been late, you don't have any flaws for God's sake.... I never say anything without backing it up. but again bitches will still be like "oh yea I love my life, things are perfect all day everyday. I don't know what you're talking about...." But tell me this, why do SAHMs report being sad, angry, and depressed? Click here if you really wanna know: 7 Reasons Why SAHMs Report more Sadness, Depression & Anger
I love my kids, and being a SAHM, but it comes with a lot of worries, sacrifice, and many times will bring you to tears. If anything I feel I get to do more, experience more, and grow more than if I were to work. I'm far from sad, and depressed if anything I'm fuckin' angry because people lie and put out too much bullshit.  If I judge you it's because you thought you could compete with me and put me down with subliminal attacks. Think before you speak, you're more transparent than you think, and don't try to put me down because I'm keeping it real. Nobody is better than anybody, we're just going through this phase in our life together. You're more than just a mom, don't let that diminish who you were, and who you are.