Tuesday, November 12, 2013

13 Reasons Why Women Wear Makeup

About a month ago, a guy on FB was like "Why do women insist on wearing so much makeup?...Most of ya'll look somewhat decent without it". He is not the first guy asking that question nor will he be the last. I mean nobody is a fan of fake, or ridiculously heavy makeup, but again it's a transformation that makes you get noticed and stand out. I happen to love makeup, I mean not anything extreme like packing it on so deep that you can take it off with a spoon, but light foundation/powder, prettied up eyes, and magnificent lips. If you're naturally flawless good for you, but when you get tired of being plain ole "Anne" there's so much that you can do to spice things up. As a makeup enthusiast myself, I just wanted to put it out there for anyone wondering.

  1. It's in style, fashion is about attractiveness.
  2. The media makes us feel like we have to be flawless. Whether it's uneven skin or acne, we're all hiding some kind of imperfection that we're self-conscious of.
  3. Maybe we have a low self esteem; we weren't told we're beautiful enough growing up
  4. It feels so feminine.
  5. The greatest iconic women modeled such behavior.
  6. It feels so natural to wear it even though its farthest from natural. 
  7. Pictures look so exceptional! 
  8. It's about feeling really good and put together more than anything... 
  9. Sometimes I'm at home and I feel blah, the easiest way to turn that around is to put some lipstick on and wear something nice. I do it for myself not for anyone else.
  10. Who doesn't like sex appeal? It's just as hot as stockings, heels, and polished nails while giving a guy head on a porno film right?
  11. It's learned behavior, I grew up watching my mom put it on and couldn't wait for the day that I would do the same. My daughters now watch me doing it too. 
  12. Even my kids are like "oh wow that's pretty mommy!!" There's nothing like makeup to feel so oo-la-la-glamorous. It's just being different.  
  13. My momma taught me that you should always be put together. Just because you feel like a hot mess doesn't mean you shouldn't look like one. When you see a hot girl you don't think long term and expect her to fall apart, but shit happens over the years. My man should not come home to a woman who has let herself go and become a complete slob. Weight gain happens, wrinkles, boobs going south, bodies changing, etc. The way we feel is defined by the way take care of ourselves, big or small a woman should still keep herself in check like she did when the boys were whistling.

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