Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Ways to Detox Negativity

There's no better feeling like working on your goals that puts you in the right mindset to feel positive. Being positive isn't something you say you will do and you just happen to do each day. Shit happens. Sometimes I'm angered at least 3x a day and at that moment do you know what I do? I tell myself "you're not being positive"....followed by "fuck being positive I can't take this shit anymore, I'm fed up with being a mom, I'm tired". That's just life. Does it mean I shouldn't have had my children? For fuck's sake NO! Does it mean that just because I decided to become a mother, I should suffer at any cost? Hell NO! That's like saying women are asking to be raped by choosing to wear provocative clothing. When you're tired, hungry, and angry you lose it and it's okay, but when it's over, and the moment has passed don't forget to get back on the "be-positive wagon" we all fall off, but this time; make some changes. It's easy to feel like a failure when you're not achieving the results you expected you would. We naturally put that pressure on ourselves. I realized that last month. I never stop working on my goals. I may start and stop fitness routines, diets, etc, but I never quit altogether. I take breaks and mentally prepare myself for what I will do next, until I can find the balance between the anger, the emotional upsets, and all the things I have no control of, so I can keep going. 
I know this...but those 3 steps backward are so painful. 
Just like any junkie... you need to detox your life of any negativity. How can I continue to be positive and achieve my goals if nothing is changing?  How can I become a positive person if my thoughts and actions are negative?

Thanks for sharing this Michael!

1) The Goal Book: In a past post titled: 10 Steps to Doing You... I mentioned a goal book. Get a brand spanking new composition notebook and put all the things you need to do in order to achieve your goals. Give yourself deadlines, daily to-do lists, quotes to keep you going, etc. This book is dedicated to your own self-discovery. Don't forget to jot down all your thoughts, ideas, passions, talents, strengths and weaknesses.

2) Remove or limit time spent with/talking people who drain your energy or put you in a negative funk. When I'm detoxing my life even if it's for days or a week, I stay away from talking to anyone; I remain with my nuclear family and turn the world off. You don't need people to detox your life of negativity; you need to be alone with your thoughts to gain clarity.

3) Music is a MUST! For any emotion and chance of perseverance, music is therapy.

4) Write positive affirmations and or quotes on your bathroom mirror with eyeliner. Currently my bathroom mirror keeps reminding me to: Breathe, Focus, Work Harder, and that I will get there. Messages to my sweetie make him feel good too ;)

5) Take Action: Care for your body, mind, and soul. Fuck "Eat, Pray, Love". Do: "Read, Pray, Exercise". If you love yourself you will eat healthy, treat yourself, and do whatever it takes to be positive. I was waiting for some lab results for the last three weeks. All I did since was read my novels, pray, meditate on God,  think about what it means to become self-realized, and exercise because it does the mind and body good and because it makes you feel like you're in control of something when you're in control of nothing. I experienced worry and fear like anyone but I remained strong, and focused all my energy on these positive actions. Time didn't stop like it did for me before, when the results came back okay I just celebrated life and prayed some more. I'm gonna continue to Read, Pray, Exercise.

6) "Like" positive pages on Facebook and create a Pinterest account to pin up things that inspire, excite, motivate, or uplift you. My current FB feed is clogged by all my liked pages in addition to 500+ friends' posts. My friends be like: "didn't you see....? No! I didn't dammit. I'm on FB a lot but people don't understand when you "like" so much shit on FB it's almost impossible to see everything people post. Likewise, if you don't have the heart to remove toxic people, or people who irk you, or bring out your bad sides, remove them from your news feed. I do that all the time =x. Social media can be a tool that reinforces you in being positive. If you hate social media, create a vision board.

7) Make changes to your daily habits that reinforces you to be positive. I know my kids will suck the life out of me while I cook. I like to enjoy the act of taking my time cooking even if it's mixing my bread dough, or dicing onions. If I have to turn around and scream at them every 2 minutes, it makes me upset and feel frustrated leading to my own cognitive meltdown, so I plan around it. I put them in the playroom, give them a snack, put on their fave movie, put on music for them to dance, or give them something they don't get to do every day. I also used to be horrible with the laundry but once I got on top of not letting it pile up I was happier that I did, felt positively about myself and kept our house even neater which became a cycle of being productive and feeling good.