Saturday, November 30, 2013

Facts about Female Body Image

While everybody was busy getting their shop on during Black Friday today, I was chilling at home and going through one of my favorite planners from Junior High School. In the back had a time capsule page with various entries to fill in about myself. It never hit me how insecure I was about my body and how young I was when I was filled up with self-hate. Under my goals, my first thing listed on September 14th, 1999 in which I was 12 years old was; lose 20 lbs. Wtf! I started thinking goddamn how long have I been on this dark path of obsessing with the scale? I sat there sharing tidbits from my school planner with my husband who was equally appalled that I wrote things about my weight in there from such a young age. I thought and thought and realized it all began in 3rd grade. My mom would insult me for enjoying sweets. I was always thick. My thighs touched, and I was always berated for not being where I was supposed to be. Such an unhealthy body image led me to starving myself in JHS where I only allowed myself to eat one small meal a day and binging on junk whenever I could. I don't recall ever being happy with myself no matter how thin I became. It makes me scared about what I'm gonna teach my daughters when the time comes when I haven't learned to completely love myself unconditionally either.

I saw this article and it really hit me how disturbing the content was, that I felt it needed to be shared. If not for acknowledging what our girls today are feeling, then for taking responsibility for our own negative connotations of ourselves. We are society. Does this mean we should promote obesity and that obesity is okay? Absolutely not, to promote obesity, it would be the other extreme of what we've been promoting here below. We need to promote health.

Source: Huffington Post