Thursday, January 9, 2014

10 Healthy Changes you Should Make in 2014

I resolved to making resolutions for this year but for some reason I grew to hate the whole "New Year's Resolutions" cliché. Instead I came up with things I want to change for mind, body, and soul health, and I'd like to call them my "Healthy Changes for 2014".

  1. Change all pots and pans to "cast iron, enamel-coated cast iron, or stainless steel". The Teflon on non-stick pans are detrimental to your health. It's mainly cancerous. I mean what's the point of eating your vegetables to stay healthy if chemicals have leached into them and everything else you cook? I don't know.... It's like if I'm gonna try to eat organic I might as well get some new pots and pans too right? Be sensible about what's in your control and what's not regarding your health. 
  2. I want to start my own organic garden! I don't know when or how but I better do my homework from now until April if I want to get this going for the spring. This will serve as practice for my long term goal of opening up my own organic dairy farm. I have no idea how urban farming works but it's a industry that needs more attention and growth for greater sustainability and power over our current tainted food system. 
  3. Our next big investment needs to be a water filtration system for the pipes. FL water is hard as fuck. It's full of crap that disrupts your endocrine system. The skin is the largest organ, it immediately absorbs all the crap you put on it including chlorinated water, and  that leaves the kidneys and liver to filter the junk out. Sure it's a hefty price to pay in the thousands range but so worth it. Don't believe me? Call up one of those companies and ask for the demonstration. You will want to steal the small filter they bring, to wash your hands in that water that comes from it ALL Day, no exaggeration, I promise! If I can't get the one I want, then I'll just have to settle with one we can install by ourselves.
  4. Avoid toxic people. It's not necessarily just the people who talk crap to you, but the people who bring out the worst in you. The bullshitters who think you're stupid enough to believe their crap, the people who ruminate about the same problems daily, the people who irk you in some way that causes your brain to spit out negative thoughts.  Keep anger, resentment, and even jealousy at bay. 
  5. Avoid rumination yourself. It was listed as one of the top 10 things miserable people do which gets them stuck in the past. Moving on is hard when you're pissed. When I'm pissed I lose control. I've worked hard on controlling my thoughts and feelings for the past 3 years, I only want for good thoughts, good vibrations, and positive energy in my life. If you like to dwell on a problem and talk about the same damn thing over and over here's a solution: Write a journal or call someone and vent it out quick and never speak about it again. However, avoid calling the person who will keep bringing it up. I usually get pissed at my husband and I just get it out right then and there, take a deep breath, then calmly both sides take turns talking out grievances. We come to a resolution, we apologize to each other, and it's over. No need to bring it up again unless there is a 2nd offense and no need to bitch and complain about the same damn thing for the next 3 days. Last week, I found myself ruminating and I need to get it together fast.
  6. I'd like to find a holistic Dr. that is covered by our insurance for our family, especially the girls. It might be like trying to find a needle in a haystack but there has to be a conventional doctor out there that practices both western and alternative medicine. I've been disappointed by doctors, and find that thorough research of my own helped me more than anything else, it would just be nice to get my money's worth when we go see the Dr. 
  7. Start eating only grass-fed meat/dairy/butter. I'm currently doing research on this topic which I will share my results to an issue I've been struggling with. To just cry out and say this is my problem; blah blah, blah doesn't make sense and serves as only rumination. I'm trying to find a solution before I delve out the details so others can benefit from it. 
  8. I want to finally invest in a bread machine to make my own bread. Yea I know it's not that expensive for a bread machine but I want a really good one and I wanted to make sure it's worth the cost. I've been efficiently making my own bread since July 2013, and it would be a whole lot easier and faster if I had a machine to do the work. If you're not sure why I don't just buy bread click here to find out why you shouldn't eat store bread. 
  9. Get outdoors more, it's healthier than being locked up inside. This will be hard for me, we usually do afternoon walks with the kids when the weather permits, but to be honest I hate the outdoors for the bugs, the heat/humidity,  and the sun is intense out here. Sure I go outside to take my kid to school and back, but I'm not outside long enough to absorb the sunlight and vitamin D. Lack of vitamin D is linked to many diseases. 
  10. Work towards a worthy cause.  I want to volunteer or make an effort towards something bigger than myself. I don't know what or how, but I'm tired of hearing about disgusting organizations like the Red Cross scamming people and not using majority of the money towards relief efforts. Before we were parents we participated in three annual Relay for Life events, but fell off as we became busier with our family. 

If there's anything I want to keep doing, it's to keep dreaming. Literally. I have been a dreamer/idealist from the very beginning when I was too young and inexperienced to know that it would eventually lead me to scramble in the dark by myself, but I continued to dream anyway. When I think about all the times I was disappointed and depressed, I could sit and dwell in a stew of bitterness and false ego, or I can live in gratitude and think of all the times negative turned into positive.