Thursday, February 13, 2014

My First Encounter with a Pecker

I read an article that had this picture on the site and it instantly took me back to a childhood memory. It was highly exciting to me as it was to me when I was in 2nd grade. The first time I had seen a real mature adult penis was in a newspaper looking for a story for my current events homework. There it was; in all it's male, flaccid, burly and long but circumcised glory. I was so curious about the male form and wanted to share it with my friends so I cut it out and took it to school the next day. An older girl who lived next door overheard me showing it to my friends that day and that same afternoon she told my mom. Needless to say I never saw a dick again until JHS and if I did I sure as hell wasn't going to share it with anyone. Since then, I always assumed they all looked the same.

As I was walking on the treadmill the other day, I watched one of my favorite shows "Sex in the City". Two of my really close friends and I always watched the show since High School, and while it's been 10 years since; we're still the crazy girls we were, always talking about life, clothes, boys, and sex. I've always identified with Charlotte and Samantha from the show. In this particular episode, Charlotte dates a man who's uncircumcised and she's completely weird-ed out. Her reaction to all the skin was too obvious to take back and the guy ended up going and getting circumcised for her before their first sexual encounter. I can imagine reacting the same way. I think I've always found the penis to be highly erotic until I found out about uncircumcised penises. In my mind they're supposed to be the way they are in porn. They're supposed to be all muscular, pure man, veiny, with a big beautiful pink mushroom top, long, and thick, clean looking, and that extra ridge...ohh my...Okay calm down Michelle, let's not get too carried away...

When I found out about uncircumcised penises for the first time, I eventually looked it up online. I was honestly turned off. However 85% of men in the world is Au natural...While I really didn't care to publicly go into detail with how much penis interaction I've had or have not; I'm an open book so I will just go ahead and say that I've only been fully intimate with my husband and I can't imagine all that extra skin.

Then I looked up what were people's preferences and it's split down the middle to a 50/50. 50% of women preferred no skin, and 50% preferred skin. I don't know what skin is like and I don't think I want to know. One of my friends told me how her boyfriend had a stench to it, that alone made me feel like tossing my cookies because I'm big on smells. So the way I see it is this; if it's cleaner, it's better, if it's got that amplified ridge, it's better, if it's less sensitive which means lasting longer than 20 mins than those with skin, it's better, if it's associated with less risks for STDs, it's better. However because my opinion is biased since it's pretty much aesthetically and experience basedIf I had a son, I'd probably make the decision based on hard research. The fact that skin is the way God intended it also makes me wonder. Hope to hear from you all on this topic. In the meantime check out this video, it's so fitting for this post. I couldn't help myself, lol. We're really not all that innocent!

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