Thursday, February 6, 2014

My First Garden

If you know me very well, you know I'm a person of my word. I don't talk, I take action. I'm proud of myself as I started my garden like I said I was interested in doing for this years' resolutions. It felt great to be outdoors, doing my own thing. It feels empowering to take the first steps into taking back the food system for the purpose of greater sustainability. If you want to feed your family gmo-free, this is the best thing you can do.

I started some things by seeds because I'm just one of those people who would rather not take the shortcut. I like the idea of starting something from scratch. Since we've stopped buying orange juice, we rely heavily on actual oranges, and why shouldn't we? We live in Florida right? So I decided to use the seeds from a super sweet non-GMO batch of oranges. I love it soo much. I learned that you have to germinate the seeds. I did it like a science experiment we did in elementary school. It was a learning experience for the girls as we put them in a bag wrapped in damp paper towel and waited for them to sprout. I'm learning about all this and so far, so good. The plants I started so far are: Banana, Oranges, Avocado, Basil, Cilantro.I planted them in small pots since the weather has been crazy. I will re-plant them into the ground when they're bigger and sturdier.

Orange seed germination:

Still waiting for the avocado seed to sprout:

The banana plant burned from our recent low temps so I replanted it into a pot. The sprouts of the oranges I planted into the pot to the far right. Hopefully I'll have progress pics in a few weeks.

If you know anything about gardening, please feel free to share any insight you think I might need in the comment box below. I have to get veggies started next, and hopefully I can re-grow some things from the chart above. The most important thing is take action and have fun doing it!

It takes more than just a good looking body. You've got to have the heart and soul to go with it. -Epictetus