Friday, February 28, 2014

The Sweet Stuff: Dangers of Natural & Artificial Sweeteners

On the topic of health that I've been too preoccupied with but too tired to share anything about I'd like to make an informative post on sweeteners. I think people are just ignoring the most threatening thing to avoid which is basically SODA. It makes me crazy when people give it to their kids soda because if you haven't heard; cancer is the #1 cause of death in children. It used to be accidents. In life, you can do everything right and still be affected by these things, or do everything inherently wrong and not be affected. The point is not to live in fear, but to be sensible, why gamble with your family's life? I pray for a long and healthy life for my family like any mother would. So if you love your kids, please stop giving them soda. In case you didn't know before here are: Reasons you Shouldn't Drink Soda

The problem with soda isn't just the sugar content, but the chemicals used to make it. Aspartame is #1. It's found in a variety of soft drinks, yogurts, candies, fillings, puddings, etc. Pregnant women are advised against coffee and liquor, but soda is never mentioned despite the risks associated with apartame; Pregnancy & Aspartame .

Today we're finding that people are trying to keep the calorie count down in an effort to lose weight, or keep health risks down, but really this what you should think: 

So Sucralose is the same thing as Splenda, and recently I realized it was in my greek yogurt! It's like is there anything not tainted anymore? I stick to whole foods, natural things that don't come from a package as much as possible. Greek yogurt is actually good for you but only when it's organic and sweetened with regular sugar, because you can't trust any of the sweeteners these days.

I was watching the Dr. Oz show, and he previously endorsed that Agave syrup/nectar is good for you. Today however, he recanted that statement after bringing in an expert on sugars. Apparently all these different sugars both natural and chemical cause insulin resistance. Agave is now shown to raise triglycerides, increases belly-fat that surrounds organs and  ultimately raises chances for heart disease.

The Bottom-line? 

  • ALL sugar is just bad for you. Fruits are the only tricky exception. See link below on how fruits stack. 
  • Artificial sugars like splenda, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup and natural agave might be the absolute worst for you long term. 
  • Sugar causes insulin resistance 
  • Sugar suppresses the immune system by 40% 
  • Sugar causes inflammation and acidity in the body which equates to disease and cancers. 
  • If you're really going to choose the lesser of all evils just stick to Stevia, such as Sweet Leaf drops (I just learned about this product from a gastric bypass patient, will update you when I know more), or Raw Honey. Maple syrup might be expensive, but it's better than using Aunt Jemima on your pancakes.
  • Grams of Sugar on Nutrition facts ÷ 4 = # of teaspoons of sugar in product. Take a sandwich bag and dump that many teaspoons of sugar in to see how ridiculous it is. 
  • One can of soda equates to just about 12 teaspoons of sugar.
DAILY RULE: Before purchasing an item or putting it in your mouth, ask yourself; Did we have this product or consume this product before the industrial revolution? What did we eat before grocery stores? You'll realize that people ate grass-fed meat, home made churned butter, lard, whole milk from cows they raised themselves, bread they made at home from scratch, and non-gmo crops they farmed themselves.




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