Thursday, March 27, 2014

Name Your Addiction...

I love the internet for all it's glory. The fact that the entire world is at my fingertips.  I wish I could stay up all night on the internet. Some nights I do, and I suffer the consequences the morning after, not to mention pain I randomly get in my hands. I don't think there's anyone more grateful for it than I am. The things I'm able to learn and the growing I'm able to do mentally, spiritually, (physically... =|)  is all because of the internet. It's crazy how things go viral, how social media brings us closer together yet further apart. Like everything else in life, too much of anything is never any good. I'm not talking about these types of consequences though.

What are we talking about here? Porn. The degradation of society. Erectile Dysfunction. The brain being in the same chemical state of addiction to drugs whilst being on porn. I know some of you might just close this page and continue on your way, but please check out these videos. We all watch porn, will watch porn, have watched porn, know someone who watches porn, or no longer get to watch porn because of a computer virus caught from watching porn. Let's be real. Last month I shared an article like I always do. After sharing the article, a few guys came forward and started talking to me about the topic. One person actually thanked me for sharing the article. We actually spoke about the addiction itself, and while I've been busy, I've also been too lazy to just put together the information into a post. It was hard to encompass all the info, so I decided to start by sharing the essential videos before I go into more depth about what I found, and how to get help. The guy I spoke with explained that he's at the point where he no longer gets aroused by the women he sees, the dependency on porn interferes with different aspects of life. He watched the video below about your brain on porn and he said it felt like the speaker was talking to him. He's tried quitting numerous times and hasn't been able to, and his tastes are changing just like the video explains. I will follow up with him and see how it's going, and try to get more details, or interview more people.  What's more in all this, isn't just the effect it has on your mind and body, but your relationships, society, expectations of ourselves and the demand there is for this type of exploitation in the world. The stats on ED in younger men is alarming. See the videos/references below for a more eye opening experience. Feel free to share your experience in the comment box anonymously.

Entertaining and Comical Differences: 

The Fastest Visual Lesson on Orgasms!

Your Brain on Porn! A Must Watch!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Truth about Fluoride! Yes, the stuff in Toothpaste...

Before there was the internet or FB for that matter, we would watch mainstream media like TV, read newspapers, listen to the radio and form our opinions based on what we heard. We didn't really go digging for much information past what we got through the media. Having the internet has changed our life. Now all it takes is for some article to say "A recent study shows..." to get our attention. We Google our symptoms, diagnose ourselves before seeing a Dr., and have the opportunity to learn just about anything. While there are good and bad sides to everything I firmly believe, ignorance is NOT bliss. I like having the ability of researching products, learning about chemicals, making informed decisions when it comes to the longevity of our family's health. It was only until I "liked" some pages on FB such as The Mind Unleashed and The Anti Media, that I started looking at things a little differently. Take this for example:

 All I've been seeing lately are posts about Fluoride. You might ask: What is Sodium Fluoride? 
-Sodium fluoride is an inorganic chemical compound with the formula NaF. A colorless solid, it is a source of the fluoride ion in diverse applications. Sodium fluoride is less expensive and less hygroscopic than the related salt potassium fluoride.

What Is Sodium Fluoride Used for?
-Sodium Chloride is used in making of toothpaste and in water treatment. It is also used in manufacture of pesticides and as a preservative. It has a molecular formula of NaF and it is commonly found in the form of white crystals.

Fluoride is supposedly used to protect our teeth from the acidity in foods and prevent cavities. Well, here's an idea! Let's eat a balanced diet with alkaline foods! Studies actually prove that we don't have any less cavities than places where Fluoride isn't used.... Go figure...who's idea was it to put it in all toothpastes, the water system, and even store bought baby water to mix formula with? Most likely the government, no? In the game of Monopoly I always loved buying the water and electric companies. If you control the basic necessities such as water, electricity, and the food system, you retain absolute power over the people dependent on it. It's really that simple. Somehow, I've seen videos and pictures of Fema camps with mass body boxes that look like coffins stocked up and I wonder why, but that's a discussion for another day.

My husband can't get past being bred to love Colgate/Crest 3D, and I know it's not a matter of believing it's bad, its a matter of breaking out of what we were programmed to depend on and love based on consumer economy. Endless commercials on pearly white teeth yet we still  have yellowish teeth despite years of brushing with Crest or Colgate, or Aquafresh, or Sensodyne or whatever the hell you were convinced to spend your last dollar on anyway. I went to several stores recently and found that there really is no non-fluoride alternative in the store. I know what's your next question; so Michelle, since you have it all figured out what are you using?

I'm actually using Uncle Harry's Natural Tooth Powder and Uncle Harry's Natural Spearmint Toothpaste on alternate days. It's a little pricey but worth it. Sometimes you can catch a sale. A friend told me about how it healed up a relative's entire mouth, and I feel it's actually credible after using it.

Maybe you can't deal with all the changes you have to make to be healthy in this world. In this life...because it's getting a little ridiculous, like what the fuck isn't tainted anymore right? I know, I get it, but like I said before this is a journey. What gives me the motivation to keep going is the idea that making these small changes in our life is like saying "Fuck you!" to the system profiting from people suffering. I vote with my $ now. I can't change the world without being the change I wish to see the world, so I will try to follow this manifesto.

Don't believe what I have written here. Read the report for yourself and share with everyone you know.


Lancet Report: 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Kiss & Tell...

#sohot #ilovewhenhedoesthis #drivesmewild

Of all erotic things I think I like a hot and heavy make-out session more than anything. It's more than enough to get me going. I wondered if it was innate or a learned behavior to want to be kissed passionately, to want to kiss someone else so badly like your life depended on it. After reading about the history of kissing, I thought wow, who knew?! It explains how it first evolved from mothers feeding their young, then to Romeo and Juliet. I experienced my first french kiss when I was twelve yrs old.  I think that's when my interest in boys amplified.That might be shocking  to some people because it's sex-related, but everyone is different, some people start earlier than others. It's not as shocking if I said I reached childhood milestones such as walking and talking earlier than my peers though right?  I had always been ahead of my peers developmentally. By the time I was 15 years old I knew exactly how I wanted/needed to be stimulated mentally and physically. Some women go their whole life unable to climax physically or otherwise. I'm big on exploration. When Katy Perry's song "I Kissed a Girl" came out, part of me wondered if I'd like it too, and the other part of me wondered if I was crazy. I loved that song! 

Anyways so we've been so busy this past week, we've actually started one of our first home projects putting together our home theater. Even though I swear I can do anything and everything, I can't. I missed out on watching this week's episode of Walking Dead, didn't get to finish my book, didn't get to read any cool articles, exercise, blog, or get to chat with anyone. I saw this video that went viral yesterday however that compelled me to stop what I was doing and come share with you all to say... =O OMG, how hot is this? I wanna hear from you guys on this one. Leave a comment anonymously or something. Have you done this before? What was it like? Would you want to be part of this social experiment? I would! The only thing is...the people should be mutually paired. Meaning they should choose each other =x Dear husband if you're reading this...this has absolutely nothing to do with you, and everything to do with me being the crazy, entertaining, impulsive, and liberal person you know and love me to be. Just imagine the thrill of kissing a complete stranger you've just met. I think that would be a profound experience, the first kiss always is, much less with a perfect stranger. No wonder it went viral!

There's beauty in affection. Check it out.. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Peppermint Oil Review

My best friend Melissa in NYC, always gets sick and uses Peppermint Oil. Here's her review. I plan to try it myself when the girls get sick. 

Melissa's Personal Opinion on Peppermint Oil

I personally get sick a number of times a year. Sometimes it's allergies, sometimes it's extreme congestion, including an itchy dry cough, and sometimes it's all of the above. Living in New York City has its ups and downs, and one of the downsides is constantly being in confined areas, especially in the subway. When you are packed in like sardines trying to get home during rush hour and someone sneezes or coughs on you, what really can you do but throw them a dirty look and just go about your business? Regardless, germs travel no matter how sanitary and healthy you try to be, and if you are meant to get sick, you will get sick.

I normally do not write reviews simply because it's hard for me to find the time to do so. However, I feel peppermint oil has provided such a great relief for me on a number of occasions and it's time to pay some homage. If you are like me, when you are sick, Vicks and other meds just don't do the trick. They do not have the magical healing powers they once provided when we were kids...or perhaps we have grown immune to it. Whatever the case may be, like most of my friends, we try to seek natural remedies rather than resort to medicine first. More often than I like to admit, I have horrible sinus issues- you name it, the stuffy nose, constant dry cough that's good enough to give anyone a 6 pack; and no amount of Benadryl or Vicks help me. It wasn't until my mom (yes people, mom knows best!) left a bottle of peppermint oil on my dresser one night that I found some relief.

It is 100% Peppermint Oil and the bottle recommends diluting with other oils or water before use, as it is really strong. Personally, I do not dilute it with anything. I take a dime-sized amount and rub it on my chest, neck, behind my neck and LIGHTLY brush my nose with my fingertips. It is really strong (thanks menthol) and I definitely feel a cool, burning sensation on the areas I rub it. Once I go under the covers though, I find the burning sensation and the smell of peppermint in general so relieving. I can peacefully breathe through my nose and I sleep through the night without building abs through the constant coughing. Be aware that it does not cure your symptoms, but the relief it provides I feel is good enough that no meds are needed to get you through the night. If you feel it is too strong or if you have sensitive skin, you can throw a couple of drops in a humidifier or in a boiling pot of water and just inhale the steam.

Peppermint oil has many other uses and benefits. Not only does it provide relief from cough and congestion, but it also;

  • Helps sooth minor aches and pains
  • Helps indigestion 
  • Promotes good dental hygiene 
  • Nurtures healthy skin and scalp
  • Surprisingly, peppermint repels bugs and rodents
It's no wonder trash bag manufacturers started selling mint scented bags. I've included links to a few sources below. Whether or not they are factual, I cannot testify to, but I say give peppermint oil a shot. Happy breathing =)




Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ditch Table/Sea Salt: Switch to Pink Himalayan Salt

In the last year I've been working on becoming healthier and switching out the harmful things we use daily with natural ingredients in their oldest forms. An item closest to it's natural state with minimal processing is what our bodies NEED. This however has been a journey, not something that happens overnight. You have to be willing to forget everything you think you know in order to do good research and find the best version of the truth. In learning about salt recently I switched twice. I switched from the brand Diamond Crystals Table Salt to Morton's Sea Salt. Table salt is heavily processed and has anti-caking agents (ie. chemicals such as cancer causing Fluoride-post coming soon on this) to make it remain the same consistency. Table salt according to one of my sources is considered the "destroyer of health".  It's missing 84 trace minerals and iodine which some brands add. It's void of all the necessary nutrients our bodies need to function. Due to the chemical structure being altered our bodies actually see it as a "toxic invader" and sodium chloride causes the body to bloat, retaining water, and raising blood pressure. Think of how many of your family members could benefit from this information/alternative alone.

Once I learned about table salt, I switched to sea salt, but then I learned about the pollution the ocean has been going through for quite some time. Beaches, the coral reefs, sea animals, and the ocean's ecosystem is turbulent from trash, over-fishing, oil spills, and even radiation from Fukushima's nuclear disaster that is still spilling out onto the ocean and affecting the west coast as we speak. Very soon we will have to quit eating seafood unless we're positive about where it came from. Sea salt is no longer a healthier alternative. So I switched to Pink Himalayan salt and I love it! I use less salt and the food is even more delicious.

What Are The Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt?

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Strengthen bones
  • Detoxifying the body of heavy metals
  • Increasing libido
  • Promoting a stable pH balance within the cells
  • Increases hydration
  • Reducing the signs of aging
  • Promoting healthy sleep patterns
  • Prevents muscle cramps
  • Aiding in vascular health
  • Supporting healthy lungs and respiratory function
  • Improves circulation