Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Kiss & Tell...

#sohot #ilovewhenhedoesthis #drivesmewild

Of all erotic things I think I like a hot and heavy make-out session more than anything. It's more than enough to get me going. I wondered if it was innate or a learned behavior to want to be kissed passionately, to want to kiss someone else so badly like your life depended on it. After reading about the history of kissing, I thought wow, who knew?! It explains how it first evolved from mothers feeding their young, then to Romeo and Juliet. I experienced my first french kiss when I was twelve yrs old.  I think that's when my interest in boys amplified.That might be shocking  to some people because it's sex-related, but everyone is different, some people start earlier than others. It's not as shocking if I said I reached childhood milestones such as walking and talking earlier than my peers though right?  I had always been ahead of my peers developmentally. By the time I was 15 years old I knew exactly how I wanted/needed to be stimulated mentally and physically. Some women go their whole life unable to climax physically or otherwise. I'm big on exploration. When Katy Perry's song "I Kissed a Girl" came out, part of me wondered if I'd like it too, and the other part of me wondered if I was crazy. I loved that song! 

Anyways so we've been so busy this past week, we've actually started one of our first home projects putting together our home theater. Even though I swear I can do anything and everything, I can't. I missed out on watching this week's episode of Walking Dead, didn't get to finish my book, didn't get to read any cool articles, exercise, blog, or get to chat with anyone. I saw this video that went viral yesterday however that compelled me to stop what I was doing and come share with you all to say... =O OMG, how hot is this? I wanna hear from you guys on this one. Leave a comment anonymously or something. Have you done this before? What was it like? Would you want to be part of this social experiment? I would! The only thing is...the people should be mutually paired. Meaning they should choose each other =x Dear husband if you're reading this...this has absolutely nothing to do with you, and everything to do with me being the crazy, entertaining, impulsive, and liberal person you know and love me to be. Just imagine the thrill of kissing a complete stranger you've just met. I think that would be a profound experience, the first kiss always is, much less with a perfect stranger. No wonder it went viral!

There's beauty in affection. Check it out..