Thursday, March 27, 2014

Name Your Addiction...

I love the internet for all it's glory. The fact that the entire world is at my fingertips.  I wish I could stay up all night on the internet. Some nights I do, and I suffer the consequences the morning after, not to mention pain I randomly get in my hands. I don't think there's anyone more grateful for it than I am. The things I'm able to learn and the growing I'm able to do mentally, spiritually, (physically... =|)  is all because of the internet. It's crazy how things go viral, how social media brings us closer together yet further apart. Like everything else in life, too much of anything is never any good. I'm not talking about these types of consequences though.

What are we talking about here? Porn. The degradation of society. Erectile Dysfunction. The brain being in the same chemical state of addiction to drugs whilst being on porn. I know some of you might just close this page and continue on your way, but please check out these videos. We all watch porn, will watch porn, have watched porn, know someone who watches porn, or no longer get to watch porn because of a computer virus caught from watching porn. Let's be real. Last month I shared an article like I always do. After sharing the article, a few guys came forward and started talking to me about the topic. One person actually thanked me for sharing the article. We actually spoke about the addiction itself, and while I've been busy, I've also been too lazy to just put together the information into a post. It was hard to encompass all the info, so I decided to start by sharing the essential videos before I go into more depth about what I found, and how to get help. The guy I spoke with explained that he's at the point where he no longer gets aroused by the women he sees, the dependency on porn interferes with different aspects of life. He watched the video below about your brain on porn and he said it felt like the speaker was talking to him. He's tried quitting numerous times and hasn't been able to, and his tastes are changing just like the video explains. I will follow up with him and see how it's going, and try to get more details, or interview more people.  What's more in all this, isn't just the effect it has on your mind and body, but your relationships, society, expectations of ourselves and the demand there is for this type of exploitation in the world. The stats on ED in younger men is alarming. See the videos/references below for a more eye opening experience. Feel free to share your experience in the comment box anonymously.

Entertaining and Comical Differences: 

The Fastest Visual Lesson on Orgasms!

Your Brain on Porn! A Must Watch!