Tuesday, April 8, 2014

5 Men Every Woman Needs

I consider myself a feminist. I believe that women should be equals with the understanding that we can never truly be equals. That sounds like a hypocritical statement but if you think about  the degree to which women are treated unfairly based on the social stigma of being a woman, you will understand we don't want to actually have balls but be given the same freedoms and respect as if we did. We shouldn't be limited to anything we feel naturally inclined to. With that being said, of course I grew up in a home where it was okay for my brother to be treated differently because he was a boy and of course I was the biggest rebel ever. I'm still that girl.

Today I was backing out of the garage and knocked the passenger side mirror cracking it. Thankfully it wasn't knocked clean off and the mirror didn't break but the controls for the mirror and driver memory settings got screwed up. I spent the first half of the day contemplating where I could go and fix it for a decent price without my husband finding out. The second half of the day I made peace with the fact that it wasn't getting fixed and that I'd have to tell him what happened. He's not an abusive man for me to be in a state of fear, but I still dreaded telling him because he's always acting like my father.  He told me numerous times to watch out for that mirror when he saw me backing out, and each time I was like "Yo don't tell me how to drive!". I always back out almost full speed while looking at the back up camera. I'm always Right goddammit. I won't stand to be treated like I'm inferior in any skill set. My ego couldn't handle being wrong this time after all his blasted warnings and preaching about watching out for the stupid mirror. I just wanted the situation to disappear, and to continue on my merry way.

I immediately told my brother for him to give me the run down on the extent of the damage. Next I drove straight to Advance Auto Parts, and had a nice fellow give me some advice after looking at it. He gave me his friend's card who has a shop to go to. I called and got a sketchy quote from that guy. At that point, it was too late and nothing was going to be fixed in the next few hours so I just conceded to the fact that I was going to have to tell my husband. When I told him, the bow down from my righteous,
independent, and bold womanhood was silent. He said it wasn't that bad and we'd get it fixed but I sure as hell felt crummy, maybe I should've taken his damn warnings more seriously. I thought and thought how I could've saved myself the little hurt to my pride? This is a story he will probably remind me of for all eternity for God's sake... If there's anything I learned in all this is that I need more than one man in my life. Sure your husband can count as one of these guys, or you can try to master each field at your own volition. Professional or friendship based relationships should be maintained but these guys definitely need to be someone you can call and rely on in the event that something like this happens. He should be the respectful and honest business man you go to for years because you know he won't rip you off for being a woman. Making the right connections and networking suddenly has a whole new meaning. The feminist in me is taking a day off today.
Him; always micromanaging my driving! 
5 Men You Need in Your Life: 
  1. The Auto/Body Mechanic-well for obvious reasons...
  2. The Brother- biological or brother from another mother. He's a natural know-er of all things guy-related. 
  3. Lawyer/Paralegal/Cop- any law based free advice could be useful one day.
  4. The Fixer-Upper/Handyman- because sometimes bitching and complaining isn't worth the effort when something needs to be done when you need it done right away. 
  5. The Business Man-insurance adjuster, real estate broker, anything business related because we all need advice in this field from time to time.  
So there you have it. Hell, you can even add the computer wizard if you'd like or be technologically savvy enough to fix your own computer as I can. We can be a woman who is a jack of all trades or we can be smart and make the right connections to get things done. I'm a SAHM and I don't have time for all that. I never liked putting all my eggs in one basket anyway.