Friday, April 25, 2014

Topic of the Week: Relationship Longevity

Sometimes I learn really cool things in the area of social sciences or all varieties of science in general that I share mainly on my personal FB page. A lot of people told me they appreciate it and look forward to such posts, but it's been extremly hard to get my audience reached across the different social platforms. Keeping up with social media is like a full time job for me! I logged in to Instagram for the first time today after God knows how long. It's too much media! I wanted to do weekly posts where I share the majority of a topic I learned about through reading and research, or the most thought provoking article of the week and call it  "Article of the Week" or "Topic of the Week". I've been wanting to do it  for a while now, but haven't been making moves to accomplish any of that.

I constantly strive to do it all, each day I make a list of things I will do the next day only to resolve that I just can't. It's not excuses I'm just too damn tired. I forced myself to work on this blog tonight because I'm always putting off recipe shares, health posts, and daily life lessons. I think it's important to come to terms with whatever is going on in your life sometimes and just allow yourself to take a time-out. I tell myself this daily:

Maybe part of it is procrastination but most of it is surely self-preservation. I can't be stressed about stupid things. I get overwhelmed easily. In an effort to stay positive daily it's important to let go of the things that overwhelm you.In my previous article entitled 5 Truths to Staying IN Love, I mentioned how I let the dishes pile up and how we do chores together, or do nice things for one another. Sometimes my husband is working around the clock and unable to help and I'm understanding but the main thing is this:

I think I'd make a great counselor because I'm known to give expert advice based on science, facts, and experience, in a non biased way. I might pursue life coaching in the future to complement my degree in Psychology, but for today I'd like to share this tidbit below. It might be inspirational to improving your love life.

 It's Friday, so make this weekend count! Do something nice for your partner. Give him/her room to do something special for you as well. Check out the amazing resources below if you have time. They're awesome must-reads. If you're ever interested in free advice, drop me a line at http://mizzanythingbut.tumblr.com/ask/.


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