Thursday, September 25, 2014

10 Banned Foods That Every American Should Stop Eating!

Are you eating food that's already banned in other countries but is still allowed to poison and kill Americans? Learn about these pernicious ingredients and common foods through this infographic. 
10 Banned Foods to Avoid

Monday, September 15, 2014

Imminent Death

This is my motto.
I had this great article I was working on about sex and relationships. It was pretty juicy, but then I heard my grandpa was in the hospital again, this time on life support and it kinda killed my vibe. I couldn't finish the article. I will probably get to it next week as I'm waiting here on pins and needles to hear of the finality of his life. At ninety-one years old my grandpa has lived a very long and full life. It's not sad that he will pass on, because it's better than being weak, and fragile, and a burden; unable to do things for yourself. He never had any known sicknesses to speak of, just the normal things that come with old age. That's just life. 

It came to me as a surprise even though we all knew this day would come. My grandparents were a big part of me and my brother's life. They were a very big part of the first 18 years of my life, and lived with us for several years. They shaped us. After grandma passed, it was like the piece of thread keeping the family together was cut. Strained relationships have occurred like most families, and the last 10-11 years I spent apart from everyone. I last saw my grandpa in the hospital with sound mind and body couple months ago, and it was such a pleasure to visit with him. I don't have any regrets, I kept in touch with grandpa as best as I could, with the annual Christmas photo cards I send all my distant family and friends, and random calls here and there over the years. I was glad for my girls to meet him and he adored them. Memories of my grandpa will always be with us but for some reason I still feel sad thinking of his imminent death. Part of it triggers anxiety and the other part just feels surreal. I pray for his soul to be liberated and feel gratitude for the opportunity to know him as well as I did. 

It was my grandparents who inspired me to start this blog. To learn the lessons they were trying to teach and share bits of wisdom. I also wanted to learn as much as I could about holistic medicine and share the vital pieces of basic nutrition that I felt could have given my dad and grandma a few more extra years had we been knowledgeable enough. They used to preach a lot to me during my teen years. Of course in hindsight, I should have listened more and learned more, but back then they were just two old people bothering me and making me lose sleep. Things your grandparents say go in one ear and out the other. Now I sometimes sit and recall how many things they were right about. My grandpa's mantra was always "Prevention is Better than Cure", and  he could talk for days on end about the age of Kali Yuga, and spirituality. On my own journey to find self-realization, it was his talks that would fill in the missing pieces of the "moksha" puzzle. I was very blunt with my grandparents many times, asking presumptuous questions about their life together. They both would give in to all of our whims, try to save us from my mom's wrath, make sweet treats that would be waiting for us when we came home from school, enrich us with stories, humor, and enrage us at times with their rules. 

When it came to us being lazy, Grandpa would always say "What you must do tomorrow, do it today", and that would always make us say "ughhhh, I know I know, stop sayin' that!!" This quote reminds me of that: 

He wasn't always an easy old man to deal with though, he was mostly harsh with a smart mouth and sometimes grouchy. You had to have patience and tolerance to deal with him. My grandma was kind, patient, and tolerant. A thought that makes me happy is thinking about the possibility of Grandma and Grandpa being together again in whatever spiritual world they go to. They were the picture of relationship goals.

Hopefully we can all grow, be kinder and learn to be tolerant of each other. That's what takes real strength.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Things We FEAR

I think about the past, live in the present, but look forward to the future. I reminisce about the past because it reminds me of a blissful time when I was wild and free. Free from responsibilities, and free to live a care-free life. I live in the present because I'm humble, I know how precious every moment is and remember that it doesn't last forever. I look forward to the future because it's when I would've accomplished my goals, dreams, or reached the next milestone, but I FEAR... 

I've seen about five videos recently on roller-coaster malfunctions. I've only been on one roller-coaster ride and I'm so scared. I don't know why the hell I freak out. I'm always the one stuck holding people's shit while they go on all those crazy rides  I have a fear of heights... but then again I'm scared of everything. Sometimes my husband and I would be talking about something, anything, and eventually somewhere along that conversation I end up saying "nah I'm scared of that shit". His sarcastic response is always the same: "what aren't you afraid of?" Honestly I don't know.

I used to watch horror movies and love em. After I had my first child, I couldn't handle a paranormal movie. I can watch people getting hacked up, ripped apart, all that gore as long as it's a movie, not real life, but tell me something spiritual and I get a shiver up my spine.

What am I scared of? 

I'm scared of heights. 
I'm scared of bugs. 
I'm scared of diseases. 
I'm scared of vaccinations, even though I've succumbed to the pressures of the pediatrician and let my kids get em. 
I'm scared of drowning.
I'm scared of dark waters, I'd never put my foot in a lake that's dark.
I'm scared of car accidents.
I'm scared of car accidents in the water.
I'm scared of rejection. 
I'm scared of all the bad things that could happen to myself or my family.
I'm scared of dying. 
I'm scared of creepy sounds. 
I'm scared of getting my heart broken.
I'm scared of transitions. 
I'm scared of getting old, fragile, or weak.
I'm scared of failure.
I'm scared of total darkness.
I'm scared of loss.
I'm scared of small spaces.
I'm scared of pain.
I'm scared of sleeping alone.
I'm scared of things being too good to be true. 

Having just typed all this out knowing there's probably still some things missing from this very long list, a few things are pretty clear:

Damn...I turned into one big pussy [pun intended], I'm not who I used to be and all those things are out of my control. I gotta stop wondering/worrying about the unknown because thoughts become reality through the law of attraction. Acknowledging this makes me feel better and every time a fear starts to come up I will deal with it differently because I have not only listed them, but realized how ridiculous they might be, or that however genuine they are, it's in God's hands.

The power of thoughts however is pretty strong. Everybody can benefit from this knowledge: 

So what are your fears? How do you conquer your fears?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Recipe for Life Happiness & Wellness

Earlier last week I spoke about my inability to accept things I can't change. Coping with stress is what I'm always learning to do because if I didn't I wouldn't be able to function or get back to being content and happy. Some people can be upset about something, and just get over it, given time. I'm not one of those people and if you aren't either then you especially need to work through your problems as they come up. Don't let things pile up. That shit builds up into serious hostility, aggression, and a negative chain of events.  I'll go through it like everybody else except I do something about it. I do an array of things when I'm stressed. The first thing I do is: Sleep. I have to fuckin' escape. Ever since I was a kid, if I was in trouble which was quite a lot, I would just go to sleep. Run far from the situation, and rest up. If I had a conflict I face them head on. I'll confront people, settle it, and then go into a deep slumber. It's how I always have dealt with my problems, but as problems gradually became a fact of life, it beat me down at one point, where I became depressed.

Everybody is going through their own crap. For whatever ails your mind, body, or soul, this is the recipe for wellness. Whatever is wrong can be reversed or improved. Western medicine focuses solely on prescriptions. We don't have faith anymore, not in God nor our bodies, or ourselves. If something is wrong with us, in a fit of desperation we run online to find a product that will miraculously cure us. I'm guilty of it myself. After going through bouts of hair loss steadily for almost a full year, I spent hours and hours reading and learning about different products and what people said about it. Products do help, I'm not saying they don't, but we need find a middle ground where we believe in ourselves and nurture our bodies. We should take good care of ourselves, the way we would nurture our children keeping a keen eye to when is nap time and when the next feeding is. We know when they need to be mentally stimulated and when they need to
be held, given tough love, etc.

Now in hindsight being past that phase for now, I realized that you can buy any bottle promising happiness and success but it's all an illusion. You've got to fix anything wrong from the source. No matter what's wrong with you, no matter what happens in your life. This is the recipe to Wellness and Recovery... To Life and Happiness .

Overall Wellness Recipe

  1. Nutrition- cut out everything that comes from a drive-thru window, cardboard box, and eat only wholesome foods. If there's an ingredient you can't pronounce or recognize, you shouldn't eat it, like some shit that says azodicarbonamide. Seek out only single ingredient foods/home-cooked meals. Alkalize your diet. Seek out a naturopath if you feel that you may have allergies
  2. Sleep- 8-9 hours every night on schedule 
  3. Reduction of Stress- remove yourself from toxic people/situations, re-examine your surroundings at home/city, move closer to your job, take up yoga, hot baths, massages, laughter, whatever to get you in a de-stressed state. Talk about your problems, seek out support, and ask for help. 
  4. Exercise- 30 mins a day 3-5 times a week. Do what you can to the best of your ability, nobody's asking you to freakin' train for a triathlon. Get those endorphins going so you can feel really good. 


  1. Pray every chance you get.
  2. Take action, precisely in the above order. 
  3. Be consistent 
  4. Be patient
  5. Love yourself, be grateful for every moment. Do the things you really love. I do, and it works wonders. 

Whatever is going on starts with you.

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