Tuesday, January 6, 2015

9 Reasons To Be or Not to Be... Vegetarian?

We've been following a vegetarian diet for various religious holidays throughout the year. Usually it's about two weeks max going vegan. The longest I've ever did a vegan diet was a month.  I contemplate whether I have it in me to give up meat forever. I've been okay so far, fully stocked with vegan items to cook like tofu burritos, and lentil soup, smoothies, fresh fruit, greek yogurt, granola, oatmeal, vegetable chow mein, vegetable curries, and roti. Of course my husband couldn't go a week without buying pizza so there's been that as well. I told myself I'd become a vegetarian one day before I hit 30. Time is approaching to finally make that leap. It's part of my goals. Religiously it's important to me, and sustainability matters to me as well. The only thing is I can't seem to give up is eggs. They're perfect sources of protein, essential parts to so many great recipes as well. Lamb and seafood are my favorites too. I actually had lamb two nights in a row. Recipe coming soon!

It's hard to decide what to eat though. I haven't become vegan yet, but we don't eat beef, pork sparingly, and do mostly lamb, chicken and turkey, among a few seafood options that aren't farm-raised. There's a revolution going on right now with the food industry and the time we're in is the age of information. Everything is coming to light about what we're consuming. Some people choose to ignore it and then there are people like myself who make an effort to find alternatives and boycott certain brands because we all vote with our dollars.

When I want change, I'm actually willing to change. Do I really want to make this leap though? I'm obsessed with making lists. It's how I  use logic to weigh important decisions.
 Let's explore this for a minute. 

My Reasons To become a Vegetarian:
  1. Religion.
  2. It's healthier. 
  3. Sustainability 
  4. I can get my protein from plant sources 
  5. I feel so much better when I'm doing vegan. 
  6. It would promote an alkaline diet optimal for preventative healthcare. 
  7. Animal cruelty: The documentary Food, Inc. really disturbs me. Even when I am eating meat, I do feel bad about it. It's hard to give it up no doubt, but it's something you have to work up to. 
  8. To become a stronger person and set an example for my family.  
  9. I'm really inspired by Kristina from FullyRaw.com, however I'd need to do a lot more research in order to fully endorse something like that. 
Reasons to NOT become Vegetarian:
  1. My husband loves meat! I'd still have to cook it, there goes extra work for me...
  2. Finding alternatives will be hard, despite the internet at my fingertips, everything I've looked into so far is made with a lot of crap. ex: GMO soy, corn, hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, etc.  
  3. Kids diet/nutritional development will be a job for me to think about and worry about. 
  4. Thanksgiving...my favorite holiday  =( 
  5. All my friends and family are meat eaters, there would be the lack of support. 
  6. Umm...Seafood? 
  7. I might end up eating a lot more junk. Does becoming a vegetarian literally make you healthier if you're substituting a lot of processed foods to feel satiated?
  8. Part of me knows I'll fail, my willpower is sometimes weak  and my impulsiveness gets the better of me. Also statistics show, majority of vegetarians go back to eating meat shortly (not sure if that intimidates me, since I fear failing at things...) 
  9. Giving up something that is a big part of me forever is too much pressure and a big commitment right now. I don't know if I'm ready.  
[....I'm still Pondering]

Check this super informative video out on Integrative Medicine, you won't regret it I promise! 


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This is something I'll have to give more thought to in the upcoming months now that the year has begun. I think I need more time and I might even delay this goal. If you want something you have to have your entire heart in it. I'd hate to half ass a serious life change as this. If you have any constructive feedback be sure to leave them in comment box below!

Much Love! Hasta MaƱana! 

I love who I am but I'm infatuated with whom I have the potential to be.