Saturday, February 7, 2015

9 Reasons Why You NEED a White-Board Today!

Personal Development Tip #1: Organization

Many times I've been asked "how do I stay organized, focused, motivated and or consistent?"

Organization is everything! For OCD people like myself (not clinically speaking) it's just a way of life, the minute I start to feel like everything is in complete disarray, I feel mentally blocked from completing simple day to day tasks, lethargy sets in, it's as if I'm in a daze. I don't like clutter. I love open space. In my home I have everything designated to different rooms.

Prior to moving to this home I didn't have the luxury of compartmentalizing things to areas, however I did make the best of our living space and consistently moved things around, threw things out that were of no use and optimized every aspect of home decor, for functionality and then comfort in that order. So if you're tight on space, you can still make it work no matter what.

All you need to start is a White Board! Big or small, whatever fits your budget. Every home should have an office space, or area dedicated to productivity, organization, learning/education, reading etc.

A white board will keep you:

  • On task: it keeps you focused because you will be listing things and checking them off.
  • Motivated: because you will see your goals daily, and know what you're working toward.
  • Reminded of deadlines, events, things that need to be done, for your home, for yourself, your business, and/or for your family.
  • Consistent: As long as you have the white board and make a habit of using it, you will be consistent in your actions.
  • Creative: All those bubble maps, flow charts, and venn diagrams used in elementary school couldn't have been all for nothing. Get your creative juices flowing using the white board. The more ideas you brew the more creative you can become. I probably have more thoughts than the average person does by 10 am. 
  • Educated: learning new things or teaching your kids can be easier and uses time more efficiently. The more you learn, the more you can grow. 
  • Wise: You ever try to make a really important decision? Important decisions usually weigh heavily on your heart and your mind and feel like a tug of war. People with these types of dilemma's say "it's simply not black and white". A white board would facilitate your decision making skills with the use of a pros and cons list. The pros and cons list never fails, because when you're done you'll have the answer staring at you in black and white.
  • Successful: This type of organization keeps you goal-oriented. Even if you fail at something, a habit like this will make you go back to the drawing board, and you will keep at it, ultimately perfecting your thoughts and actions daily.
  • Positive: The most important aspect of all. You will feel so good knowing that you're doing all you can do, and that will keep the positivity wheel spinning. Taking control of your thoughts and actions never felt so good. 

Take action and start investing in yourself now! If you already use a white-board please share with us what it's done for you in the comment box below.