Friday, February 13, 2015

A Letter for All Husbands This Valentine's Day

Ladies, this is me speaking on your behalf. Email this article to your man even if all of it doesn't truly fit, the ideas are conversation openers. Get in the spirit of talking about your love and taking what you want.

Dear Husband,

What Girls Expect Vs What Actually Happens On Valentine’s Day
The dating phase up until the first three years of marriage has been amazing. I think back to how we matched clothing, and did all the cutesy things new couples do and I sometimes wonder were we naive back then? Or were we simply young and carefree? I know we've been married for X amount of years, and we see each other every single day when either of us is hauling our ass out of bed each morning up until we're taking our tired asses to bed at night. The sex is still hot, and the fire is still burning, it's just that this fire is no longer this thing that consumes us day and night like it did during the honeymoon phase. It's become a cozy fire in our fireplace that burns pretty high but sometimes low. We have to pay attention to it and add a few logs in there if we want it to keep burning.

I know things have been shifting and changing. Jobs have changed, dreams were being dreamt, and there has been several moves. The excitement of pregnancy tests arrived, our excitement and hopes continued to soar as the time went by. When each child was born we looked into each other's eyes mesmerized and in awe of the beauty we created. Occasions are coming and going, but even though we observe them, the sparkle and excitement of these occasions are becoming overshadowed by responsibilities, and daily burdens, which I wholeheartedly understand. You show you care when you help with the kids, you show your appreciation for me after we put the kids to bed, you show your love and dedication through your hard work  as it's become pretty clear you want to be the best damn provider you can be. It's just that on holidays like this, I can't help but want to be surprised, to be spoiled a little extra, to read something special, to be doted on just a tad more.

People say why do you need a holiday to tell people you love them? But if these people ever really struggled, and understood how the time flies by in our busy days, they would realize it's not even an afterthought when we just sacrificed our sleep to satisfy each other's sexual needs, or our need to talk to our heart's content on some days.

Valentine's Day has become too commercialized and focuses on expensive things. I think this is becoming a deterrent in creativity, and thought, especially with the way everyone brag-posts their gifts.

With that being said here are a few ideas of things you can do even on a budget:

  • Get a card and write something heartfelt. 
  • Ask me to make a wishlist of items ranging from $1-$300 or more, and pick up one or two things that falls in your budget. Use the list for occasions that will arise later on during the year, you've got a headstart in saving for it. 
  • Plan a romantic night. Let me tell you my fantasies. 
  • Come up with a menu and let's cook together. 
  • Buy me some of my favorite chocolates! 
  • Stuffed bears if I'm into that kinda thing. 
  • Pressed for time? A gift card to my favorite shop definitely shows some thought. 
  • Spoil me with some of your manly services... a massage, a foot rub, a romantic bath. 
  • Take me to get pampered a little; mani/pedi/facial 
  • Take me on a little shopping spree. 
  • Dinner at a fancy restaurant.
  • Flowers/Edible Arrangements. 1 Flower truly is okay.  
  • Plan for us to spend the day doing a fun activity together. It could be spent playing scrabble for all anyone cares, as long as we're creating moments/memories. 
  • A movie at home or in theaters. 
  • Focus on quality not quantity. 
  • Help with whatever's been stressing me out. 
  • Fix that something/do that task you said you would do.
  • Look on groupon.com for a deal on something cool/fun/new/interesting/thoughtful. 
Take me to a place I've never been before...even if it's just for a little while.

Sincerely yours truly....