Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Coochie Steam! Yep, a Steam Bath for your Vajayjay

This is becoming a hot topic, literally. A couple of days ago there were quite a few articles circulating the internet about it and I thought I should share my experience. So after I gave birth the first time, I went to my mom's house and she helped me take care of my daughter and myself. I spent the entire nine months researching and preparing for this baby, reading every single thing about birth, how to avoid an episiotomy, and tearing, and even drugs. When the time came I refused drugs until the very last moment. I was induced and the pitocin had my pain soaring. I had even walked over 20 laps in the halls with my drip, bounced on the birthing ball, pretty much anything to help my labor progress. When I had no more energy I opted for the epidural. When it was time to push I told the nurses I need to be upright and told them to bring the mirror. They argued that I can't be in such an upright position (sitting almost but reclined  like 45 degree angle
  \_ ). I said no way, I need to be like this, otherwise I'd be too far back, pushing into my butt, which is generally what causes tearing from all that I gathered in nine months of research. When my daughter was born five pushes later, I had a super small internal tear, and my perineum remained intact. Thank God I had followed my instincts and my intuition.

I tried to find a pic replicating the optimal position for minimal tearing, but this is what I was able to find. I guess this is always an optimal position to be in and easy to remember haha...

Now upon arriving at my mom's house, I thought I'd just have to rest and learn how to take care of my baby, after all she was only 5lbs 3oz. The next day she boiled water and explained that I needed to sit over the steam. Until that moment I was fully prepared for every step of pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum care, so naturally I was like "um what?" You can only imagine how insane I thought she was. I was the argumentative child, who questioned everything, and before I could Google this nonsense or ask what scientific evidence this coochie steam was based on, my mom shut me up quickly with the simple question: Would you rather be a pond or a lake?...

I'll take pond...thank you very much. I didn't ask anymore questions, ya don't need to tell me twice! I did it without anymore hesitation because I didn't wanna mess with what if's later on. If you've ever had the courage to take a look down there a day after giving birth you'd be surprised by what you'd see. I did the steam bath and the first time it was pretty hot and caused a little bleeding. I was told that it helps you expel whatever is left inside and help you heal faster, help shrink your uterus back to normal, and provide pain relief if there is any. Overall, I gave this steam bath a 10 out of 10. Not only did I see the amazing results aesthetically after I peered down there a week later, but I finished bleeding quite quickly.

The second time I gave birth I followed my intuition again, and within 5-6 pushes, I delivered my daughter without a single tear. I was unscathed entirely. Came home, did the steam bath again for a few days as well. Finished my postpartum bleeding in 6 days.

This remedy stems from the ancient Mayans and various indigenous peoples. To me it makes so much sense. I believe in ancient wisdom and consistently see western medicine slowly catching up to holistic remedies. West Indian people have done this practice for decades without medical intervention, so I put my faith into a practice that women who birthed ten or more babies have lived by. Depending on what your various women's issues are, there are different herbs that is added to the hot water and is said to help.

Disclaimer: This post is intended for educational purposes, and to share my knowledge of vaginal steams. You are welcome to try it at your own risk. Please consult your doctor, or holistic coach/certified herbalist if you have a serious condition or concerns.

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