Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Beauty of Me-Time: Be Your Best!

Hey everyone! So tomorrow is the first day of April and I can hardly believe it! It's like the year just started and we're already four months in. I started panicking a bit looking at my white board of things still not done and had calm the fuck down. I have to keep reminding myself that the time I spend relaxing or not working on my goals is necessary. Turning off, and unplugging is just as essential to goal setting and goal achieving as turning on and staying plugged in. Last week was spring break and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and my kids. It was so nice to just take my time organizing my home, doing spring cleaning, spending a day in the mall, then doing nothing and going no where. I really appreciate the time off when school is closed because now that my daughter is in school it feels like I'm in school dammit.

When I was in school I couldn't wait for it to be over, and when it was over I was like thank God! I'll never forget that feeling of being free, but now I'm feeling like a caged bird with deadlines to remember, emails to keep up with, projects to get done, and most importantly a place to get to on time 2x daily [my biggest downfall]... I'm in my own little world as usual, and I want to stress without really stressing how important it is to take time to yourself. My friend thinks I need a hobby or a class because I'm in the house too much. Sometimes I feel that what I really need is to turn back the hands of time before I had serious responsibilities. Being a mother kills my spirit sometimes and I need extra time to myself more than ever before to stay focused on the big picture. Having me time enables me to stop and take care of my needs, reflect, evaluate and remain aware of everything inside me and around me. I'm always finding ways to reinvent myself.

Some moms just keep going at it nonstop, and don't take time for themselves because they feel like they don't have a choice. I'm here to say no more. Those of you running on empty, frazzled and frumpy, sloppy, hungry,  angry, sleep-deprived,  and sex-deprived...STOP!

Commit to being the Best You:
  • Go take that nap you really needed. 
  • Enjoy a new body scrub, yes you have time to use it! 
  • Enjoy your bathtub, light some candles, and put on the music. Tranquility is priceless. 
  • Spoil yourself a little. 
  • DANCE! 
  • Pay attention to your body. Quench your thirst, feed and nourish your body. 
  • Do yoga and/or exercise. 
  • Indulge just a tad. Life is too short to not eat that slice of cake. 
  • Paint your nails! Once it gets chipped, make a habit of doing it over. 
  • Buy new makeup
  • Always take pride in yourself
  • Get a haircut. 
  • Learn about Feng Shui and follow tips on how to re-energize your home and your spirit. 
  • Live in the now. Use this present moment to better yourself 
  • Ask for help. Ask yourself: "What do I need?" 
  • Spend time on yourself that will help you progress intellectually, and spiritually.

Listen to this POWERFUL message and leave your reaction in the comment box below. 

...And most of all: Trust that you're doing a great job!