Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Best Times to Cut Your Hair This Year Based on the Moon!

Lately it's been a little crazy around here. My family has been driving me bat shit crazy and I'm just going through days running around like a crazy woman trying to get everything I need to do done, and still have time to myself. I just thought I'd update you all on my hair. If you weren't aware; in the end of 2012 I started losing a lot of hair which was supposedly pregnancy related. I spent the better half a year buying a million sulfate free shampoos and tweaking my diet and exercise. I mean hair falling out is normal, but when you notice your hair being so thin you really can't ignore shedding anymore.

A couple of things worth mentioning are that:
  • It was only after increasing my calories, protein, and healthy fats consumption that my hair started shedding considerably less. 
  • I've gone back to 100% sulfate shampoo as of the last month, I feel that sulfate-free shampoos made my hair a lot worse. Sometimes we just have to go back to basics. Expensive fancy shampoo wasn't doing shit for me. 
  • I do exercise but within reason as my Dr mentioned, excessive anything will cause your body to be too stressed and it will affect your hair.
  • Sleep: I feel that this is the #1 thing that I had to change. The late nights was really taking a toll on my body. My Dr. was very clear about this. 
  • Diet: I started by resetting my metabolism. I was eating too low calories for years in a failed attempt to keep my weight down. Our body needs    X    amount of calories to function efficiently if we were laying in a bed all day, it's called a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Most of us are moving, running around taking care of our families, and doing things, so if we ate below our BMR, we'd be deficient in calories/proteins etc, which deteriorates us from the inside out. The total calories needed to sustain an active lifestyle is called the TDEE. Calculate your TDEE here: TDEE Calculator Whether you're trying to lose fat, maintain, or build muscle, this calculator is the best. I started to reset my metabolism by eating 2,000 calories a day. I did gain somewhere between 5-10 lbs, but I just stayed consistent for roughly six months. That's when I started exercising and cut calories by 15% and started seeing weight-loss.
  • You will always shed hair, but somewhere around 25-30 years old I read that the hair life cycle renews itself and you'd typically see a spike in hair shedding. 
  • Hair vitamins work but biotin made me break out more and I found that it's impossible to keep taking it forever. We're all looking for a magical pill for whatever ails us but in the long term it taxes our kidneys too much. 
  • To reduce stress, I take baths, exercise, get some me-time whenever possible,  read books, enjoy my hobbies. Soon I will be starting yoga classes. 
After having kids, everything changes. Mostly my skin and hair changed. So last year my friend told me about this website that tells you when is best to cut your hair based on the moon. It sounds outrageous but I've been doing it for a  little over a year and I really love it. I saw enough results to keep doing it. Before you become skeptical think back the the Mayans, Aztecs, Native Americans, Indigenous tribes etc. They followed the lunar cycle for harvesting crops and aiding fertility. 

The Lunar Chart displays the 5 optimal dates each month for cutting your hair based on your specific hair goal. With the five goals: Thicken, Beautify, Lengthen, Root Work, and Strengthen, this chart displays especially beneficial cutting days noted on the calendar in red. In addition, there are seasonal dates for the solstices and equinoxes which are particularly powerful cutting days.

 Don't miss out on the Spring Equinox this month! 
The lunar charts are as follows for this month of March-December. If you do decide to try it this year, please leave a testimonial in the comment box below letting us know what your results were like: