Tuesday, March 3, 2015

West Indian Chicken & Dumpling Soup Recipe

Soup is something I think we learn from our families in terms of how to make it or when to eat it. Whether this is an authentic Guyanese barley soup or not, I'll never know because being born and raised in America really made me different. I've never even been to Guyana to be honest. Everyone makes things differently as it is but my entire life, Guyanese people say that I'm too Americanized. I don't know any other way to be so I put my own spin on these traditional dishes. Cilantro and Turmeric were never part of the dish growing up but I know that the uses of Turmeric benefits medicinally only strengthens my soups' power. Cilantro is great for detoxing heavy metals we are bombarded with daily so I included this as well. Together the soup is delicious yet nutritious. Growing up in a West Indian home, soup is something you typically make if someone is sick or if someone gave birth. If this the type of soup we make for when someone needs their strength my thought process was that this is what we need to eat regularly to keep us healthy and get proper nourishment. So I make this soup on a monthly basis. 

West Indian Chicken & Dumpling Soup with Turmeric & Cilantro

6-8 cups water 
2 lbs. chicken (chopped, washed, drained and seasoned with dashes of ginger, black pepper, chilli pepper, & Adobo complete seasoning)  
2 Boniato sweet potato
3 reg potatoes 
2 stalks celery 
3 large carrots chopped 
1/2 cup barley
5 cloves garlic
1 onion 
 2-3 tbs turmeric 
1 tbs. pink himalayan salt
Cilantro chopped (keep aside for topping)

2-3 cups flour 
2 tbs grass fed butter 
1/4 cup sugar 
1 tbs baking powder
Approx 1 cup water for mixing. More if needed to create a sticky consistency. 
Kneed and drop rounded spoonfuls of dough into boiling water. They will all be raised on the top of the soup when they're fully cooked. 


1) Put all your vegetables/grain/salt/spices to boil in water while you prepare your chicken. 

2) After adding the chicken, start preparing your dumplings. 

3) Drop spoonfuls of dumpling and let the soup boil for another 20 mins. 

4)  The soup should have boiled for about 45 mins total. When it's done, top with handfuls of fresh cilantro.