Monday, May 18, 2015

5 Factors Why Men Cheat

Hey everyone, so men cheating is never an exhausted topic. We all want to know why, my friend suggested I touch on this topic and I thought well why not. We've all been cheated on before, did the cheating, or know someone who's gone through both. It's common. It happens, but why is the first thing we're stuck on. I know men and women of a variety of ages who cheat and it's not just speculation. I know for a fact. I wanna focus on men cheating. I think there are major differences in the reasoning/factors/circumstances based on gender. I'd like to compile some of my own findings on why men cheat. So here goes:

1) Roots Needed for Growth-The relationship never established roots before it became a sexual relationship. Love, trust and respect needs to be established before the relationship becomes physical. For men they need time to build up that sense of love and bonding. Sex raises the bonding hormone oxytocin but after it's over it lowers considerably unless love is established. It's basically the chemistry of emotions in the mind. Criminologists have discovered how the influence of love, sex, and romance can reform the most hardened criminals, but similarly drive a man to steal, cheat, or commit murder. On a positive note, it's the same emotions that can be the driving force in great heights of super achievement in some men.  Studies show that oxytocin is linked with monogamy: 

"A study, published in the journal PNAS in November 2013, examined brain scans of men who had received oxytocin or placebo via a nasal spray. The oxytocin was associated with activation of the men's reward centres in their brains, and with greater feelings of attraction to their partners versus other women in photographs. This followed a very similar study in The Journal of Neuroscience in November 2012: A hormone can help keep men faithful."
Time + Passion + Love = ?

2) Loss of Love and Sparkle- love is a bond that doesn't just exist, you have to cultivate it, you have to work at it, you have to keep it safe or it loses it's value, becomes stale, and isn't nearly as precious as it was originally. I strongly believe that if you stop loving yourself and being your best self, so will he. This is on you women. I'm gonna shock you and tell you that in this area, it's your job to keep him interested. You can't let yourself go and expect him to see the glitter in your eyes. Take pride in yourself, you have a role to play here, and the name is Romance. It's your job to keep reminding him why he pursued you in the first place. In the book I'm reading called "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill it's not about becoming a millionaire, but how to build and conquer your life like an empire. Love, power and sex are mutually exclusive parts to a man's success and through the right woman he can materialize it. When you sparkle you catch his eyes, that's energy. That's conjuring up a hunger or a thirst. Everything in life translates into energy. In Ch. 11 the author say's something I always knew but was not an authority figure on to convince those who said otherwise:

3) Religiosity/Upbringing- a very religious man in a religion that promotes monogamy will be less apt to cheating because it's likely he's God fearing. If he grew up in a home where both parents respected each other and a high value is placed on fidelity, however tempting it might be, he will feel conflicted about breaking that norm. Our belief system stems from our culture, religion, views imposed from our upbringing and life experiences. Think about the sacredness of religious items. If you view marriage as sacred, you'll treat it differently than you would if you believed it's disposable. 

4) Character Flaws- this is found in the man who will throw away the greatest woman/relationship for nothing. He will cheat on the beautiful devoted wife because he's upset, looking for an escape, to pacify negative emotions, boredom, or to compensate for something he's lacking in ego. These men are poor at problem-solving, communication,  coping with stress, easily peer pressured, conflict avoiders, and usually an addiction to alcohol or something else like sex isn't that far behind.  Character flaws on the female side of the relationship, is in regards to conflict resolution. Behavior/speech that disrespects, emasculates, belittles, or breaks down a male counterpart, plays a part as well. Women have to look at themselves as builders; "behind every successful man is a woman". You catch more flies with honey. Don't let him fly away because you're offering vinegar. Today our generation are characteristically flawed because nobody can stand to be in a relationship for the long haul. The minute things get hard they run. The mentality is if something is broken..."throw it away". It's one thing to work hard on something that shows no change, and knowing when enough is enough, but even then courage, ambition, determination and strength are the qualities required. The belief system, character flaws, coupled with lower religiosity, raises the likelihood of cheating.  

5) Power, Charisma, Appeal- we all know some people are fierce, they're born with a power within them. They can command a room without much effort. Some strong signs in astrology create these personalities, it's just the way nature created it. I strongly believe some men just can't be monogamous unless they find someone with equal inner power as them. This power can be used negatively or positively. Used positively, you'll find these men as successful leaders, important business figures, inventors, and athletes. When we see these powerful figures fall, it's usually due to overindulgence of some kind and many times that overindulgence is another woman. 

Think about all these factors. Start investing your time, energy and love in the places that need work. Life isn't perfect, people aren't perfect, but....

                      Time + Passion + Love =                             
(Anything you want to cultivate; strength, commitment, fidelity, power, growth, bonds, happiness, etc.)

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