Monday, June 1, 2015

The Turning Point in Every Story

I find myself in tears listening to this right now. I was watching this segment randomly on Nicki Minaj's breakup, and everything that she's expressing suddenly clicked and relates to something I'm going through right now. Forget about the celebrity aspect of what she's talking about because we all know that industry is larger than life and we're not celebrities of course, but listen to the emotional aspect of loving someone and how you're feeling when things are changing in an unknown direction. You don't have to be in the same exact situation to understand what people are going through. When two people are addicted to each other, building everything together and sacrifices need to be made, you can't help but feel like something is gonna get lost. Love is a crazy thing but all romantic love is not the same. When you find someone who is your best friend and makes you crazy inside with unsatiable passion, and situations cause you emotional turmoil, it's the most incredible and scary ride of your life. I can totally understand why people all over the world are driven to what we call madness. It's everything that people who haven't experienced it themselves would label as "being dramatic". My heart only knows the depth of the songs I listen to, and the novels I read, and movies I watch. I am always grateful for everything in life which is what causes a lot of my anxiety because anyone can understand how you'd wanna hold the things dear to your heart close to you forever. I watch these interviews and documentaries sometimes because that's how I learn and thrive on human connections and relating to experiences. Maybe had I watched it in February when it was posted, I wouldn't have been affected, but that's life, everything happening for a reason, because the message I needed to receive and realize was: " I don't wanna be in this fragile broken state all the time, I wanna be strong, but I'm human." This video was the universe's way to reach me I guess.

They say love conquers all, but I can think of a quite a few times in life when it hasn't. One day after you get to "Happily Ever After" you have to ask yourself is this enough or are we risking the very thing we fought so hard to keep? The bottom-line is there is no one true "happily ever after", just a series of events that lead to a turning point taking things for the better or the worse, and this is probably mine.

If you start paying attention, you'll eventually get the message.

Start at 1:26 if you care to listen...